What happened to our cl-elle?

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What happened to our cl-elle?
Sat, 06-01-2013 - 1:07am

I realize I haven't been active on the board, but I generally check posts since I still feel connected to many of you after all these years.  I haven't seen a post from elle in a long time.  Does anyone know if she is still the cl here?  Is she OK? 

Something that always got the board going in the past was a "roll call" - introductions, where you're from, where your CS's are going to school, etc.  If you can post - how about it?

And please ignore my half-baked siggy - I can't add to it and can't get rid of it!  Makes me crazy!

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Thu, 06-06-2013 - 6:34pm

I can't believe I'm actually logged in - I've tried a million times and got access denied. So, my quick update for the roll call -

I'm Theresa in IL, and I no longer have any college students!  However, that will change quickly. Dd22 will be applying to grad school in the fall. She wanted to get a few years of work under her belt, and I know going back will be a big transition. Dd20 graduated a month ago and is out-of-state training with Teach for America right now. She'll start working at a high-poverty elementary school in late July as an interventionist. She starts her own masters program in August. Ds13 is entering his last year of MS, 8th grade, and next year his brother, my ds11, will join him. They had a great first day of summer break today, but next week starts with all the usual acitivites, including running camp at 7:15am (makes me feel like a slacker, lol :)).


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Fri, 06-07-2013 - 9:29am

Hey, Theresa, nice to see you back here!  What do your DDs want to do in grad school? 

My (now) college senior says he wants to wait at least a year before grad school too, because he is pretty burned out on academics right now.  He was thinking about Teach for America, but I don't think he's suited for it.  This summer he's volunteering with a group of South American immigrants to help them use computers, and I think he's realizing that while he's passionate about education, maybe he needs to be passionate on the sidelines.  He doesn't have tons of patience.

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Fri, 06-07-2013 - 1:22pm

Hey, I managed to get--and stay--logged in, too!  I'm Elizabeth in Michigan.  My biggest big boy, 22, is no longer a college student--he did two years at a private 4 year college, another 3 semesters at the community college and then stopped taking classes.  He's working part-time and still living at home.  

My middle son, Chris, just finished up his second year at the community college, majoring in graphic design/computer multimedia.  I think he has only three classes left to finish his associate's, but with the lovely scheduling, he's going to have to take classes both next fall and spring to get them all done.  He's working part-time in the concessions area of our minor-league ballpark. It's his first job, and we're hoping that now that he can put down that he has experience (in cashiering, food service, and customer service) he'll be able to pick up another job when baseball season is over.

Greg just finished up his junior year of HS, and like Musiclover, we are being deluged with mailer from colleges around the country.  We'll be making some college visits over the summer--he's not sure where he wants to go, but wherever he goes has to have a good biochemistry department, a cross country team, and someplace he can sing or do musical theater. 

My"1 lil gal" just finished 4th grade today.  She and I have several Girl Scout camping events planned throughout the summer.


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Sat, 06-08-2013 - 12:26pm

Elizabeth, your ds might want to check out UC Davis (my ds' alma mater). They have excellent sciences departments, and they do have cross country. I don't think they have musical theater but they have a lot of different singing groups so he might find something he likes. Its in a charming college town about 1.5 hrs from San Francisco for those times when you need some big city excitement (but 30 mins from Sacramento airport). And it never snows there!--- but its not too far from the Sierras if he likes the snow. Tell him to check it out.

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Sun, 06-09-2013 - 10:50am
I second the recommendation for UC Davis (it's my dd's alma mater). Their science departments are top notch, attracting students from all over. They do have a theater department, but they aren't really well known for their musical theater. Several acapella groups and opportunities to perform on campus as well as thru Davis Musical Theater Company and other theater groups in the surrounding area. The town of Davis is a great college town and you can't beat the location. I live about 20 minutes away and think I live in the best place ever. In between Sacramento and San Francisco, ocean not far away if you want the beach, Lake Tahoe just a couple of hours away for a cold get away.
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Tue, 06-11-2013 - 1:57pm

Hey, Theresa, nice to see you back here! What do your DDs want to do in grad school?

Dd22 wants to do her PhD in cellular and molecular with an eye towards teaching at some point. Dd20 wants to go to law school, although her masters will be in teaching. We'll see... I could definitely see her staying in teaching indefinitely. She is the most patient person I know (unlike me - I subbed at the girls' parochial grade school in Boston and my patience lasted about ten minutes). What your son is doing this summer sounds wonderful - you must be proud!  And he must have some patience, lol, because for someone good at computers, I imagine that teaching someone who isn't is excruciating. My older ds is taking a programming class this summer and I think he much prefers talking to dh about it so he doesn't have to stop and explain stuff to me. :)

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Wed, 06-12-2013 - 1:51pm

I haven't heard back from her yet but I'll let you know if I do - I linked to this thread in the email I sent.

I also just wanted to say I am THRILLED to see all these long-time members coming back to post! It's seriously made my week. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that you'll continue to be able to log in/post.


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Thu, 06-13-2013 - 8:52am

ivilliage has been SO frustrating for me.  But since I'm allowed to sign on at the moment, here's a quick update. 

Cheryl from VA.  Dh is working at one of the local shipyards helping design the USS Gerald R Ford (and i SO want to go to the commissioning of it next year :))  I do volunteer work and temp when I can. 

My oldest is a sophomore at Lynchburg college, a small private school 15 mintues from Liberty U.  She's majoring in music ed, and had a very good year last year.  Made dean's list 2x!  Had roommate issues- I don't know if the girls were ever in the same room at the same time.   But she handled it- and without a whole lot of our help too :)   Needless to say she's got a new roommate next year, from what she says she gets along with this girl.  For Junior year she'd like to live in the music housing in one of the townhouses on campus. 

My youngest is going to be a junior in HS.  Just got her permanant licence 2 days ago, and is thrilled beyond belief about driving.  She's starting to think about school, and this kid is going to give us a run for our money- sigh.  She wants to go to NYU and study music performance.  And when you try and tell her that 1) going into $100K in debt for a job that "might" pay $20K a year (less if you aren't a principal violist) isn't a smart idea.  2) there are a zillion people out there with the same dream and you need a backup plan.  She walks out of the room in a huff.  Sigh. 

 My hope is that she comes to her senses- and decides to audition for James Madison U. Or East Carolina.  Both schools would be a good fit.  JMU has a good music program, and a bunch of other majors she could try out.  ECU is one of a handful of schools that have music therapy- and I kind of think she might be good at that.  But you can't tell her what to do (very headstrong) so at the moment I just let the whole thing drop.  So glad she's got another 2 years of high school.  She is going to an arts program through the public schools in the fall (Govenor's school).  Where she goes to the 1st 2 bells at school, the other 2 are spent at GSA. 


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Thu, 06-13-2013 - 11:16pm
Hi Lisa - I agree about seeing all the long-time members here! It is amazing to see how all the college students have grown up, graduated, and moved on successfully. I remember early on when those same people joined us for the first time. This board got me through some very trying years - the support I got was better and a lot cheaper than therapy! For some reason - other than the dumb siggy that I can't get rid of! - I haven't had any problem posting (knock on wood!) and I've stayed signed in since my original post even though I'm not here much. Maybe Firefox is a little kinder and gentler with iVillage boards than Explorer or some of the other servers.

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