DD's last IEP

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DD's last IEP
Mon, 10-28-2013 - 6:13am

My DD's IEP meeting was last week, she was due for a re-eval.  To me, nothing out of the ordinary - a lot of test results proved what we already knew.  That she suffers greatly in processing esp in subject matter related to math.  Her visual fairs at an 87% for her age which I didn't think was too bad but he tried to raise a stink about that, Lol.  I am glad my DD was not at this meeting again and I caution invitations for our children at these meeting when its only you against a staff full of pushing things onto your child that they may very well not need.  Maybe I didn't share the one and only meeting my daughter did attend but it was when she was 11 and they shoved ideas down her/our throat that came across as very condescending and over the top.  None of it made sense to her.  My daughter will get the accomodations she needs in 9th grade but it is and has been an uphill battle.  I see hope for her but not b/c the school has her best interest in mind.