Did Special Ed Costs Lead to This?

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Did Special Ed Costs Lead to This?
Mon, 08-08-2011 - 4:53pm

This story is so sad, a mother of an autistic boy killed him then herself, with speculation that the stress of dealing with his school over special ed, bullying in school, and financial needs being some of the reasons:

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Thu, 08-11-2011 - 1:41am

Well, the special-ed costs didn't cause this-- the article said her mom had agreed to pay for the young man's private school and in fact a check was already inthe mail.

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Tue, 08-09-2011 - 8:52am
My first thought is sadness. I don't think that the process directly caused this, there must have been some sort of predisposition there.

That said, the process of dealing with the Special Education system is typically exhausting, frustrating, and seemingly never ending. Rarely are the children simply given what they need the first time at the table and if you feel the first go around isn't satisfactory then you are in for a long drawn out process. Rather then receiving support and compassion from the 'experts' we end up in this adversarial role as the gatekeepers protect their budgets and their jobs.
As a parent involved in this long drawn out process, I often wonder if I am doing the right thing. If I should just sign what they offer, be thankful for what little help we can get and restore my sanity. I know he needs more than they want to give in order to be successful in his future and I am lucky enough to have a supportive husband and financial stability that allows us to hire an advocate, but daily I see those that don't and are struggling just to make it though each day.