Never Underestimate Kids’ Capability

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Never Underestimate Kids’ Capability
Mon, 02-10-2014 - 8:41pm

Plain as a sheet of clear paper, kids are full of ideas in fact. Many facts will prove that you should never underestimate a kid’s capability.

Several days ago when I was resting in my home, I heard abrupt knocks on my door. It was my neighbour. He told me that a crowd of kids had claimed that they needed enough freedom to travel by themselves and do whatever they like. And it was my son who was the head of the crowd.

Getting to the site, I was astonished. There lined 3 lines of kids with 4 in a line, and my son was in the middle of it. It seems just like the scene of the game Plants vs. Zombies. Oh, I’ve forgotten that my son was a super player of that game.

Anyway, the tight scene was released, and I took him home. We had a chat for a long time. When I asked how he could come up with such an idea, he said that he just wanted to try whether it was effective to resist enemies attack. He arranged the line with the strongest kids at the very front, and some flexible kids the next, and those talkative ones the last. He had rehearsed that with his toys before acting it out. The role potatoes pillow 38cm plants vs zombies serial was acted out by the very front boys, and Gatling peas were by the second line. These sunflowers were acted out by those talkative ones who were responsible for the risk to persuade parents.

I had to take it seriously, since I had never thought that he could apply the strategy in the game to his daily life. I had just thought that it was a way to waste time. Thus, do never underestimate a kid’s capability. He would do some huge things some day.