Read 180 - for writing

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Read 180 - for writing
Sun, 06-02-2013 - 12:02pm

Hi All.   My son just had his triennial IEP review.   He has written expression disorder.  He is 5th going into 6th grade, writing at a 2nd grade level, but reading at an 11th grade level.    The district recommends that he do 2 hours a day of the Read 180 program.   (We homeschool, so this would be a chunk of time from our regular schedule.)   

Everything that I can find says that this program is for remedial reading.   I am not sure it even goes up to 1th grade reading.  I do worry that my son will be bored and that this will squash his love of reading.   And I am not sure that it will actually help with the writing as that is not what the program was designed to do.  

I have a progressive program that I am doing with him at home, that he is making great progress with.   It started with one word answers, built up to writing sentances, and now he is into writing paragraphs.   Next year he will be doing research papers by the end of the year.   There is not research to back this program, but the small steps are working well for him, not overwhelming him and he is still eager to do what is asked, unless the OT skips ahead and tries to get him to do something that he is not ready to do.    (He won't be getting OT next year.)

So, has anyone else used Read 180 for writing with a really bright kid who doesn't have reading issues?    Right now my gut is saying this will be a waste of time and we should keep on with what we are doing.  

Thanks in advance for any advice or comments.