What is wrong with some people?!?

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What is wrong with some people?!?
Thu, 08-22-2013 - 4:07pm

OMG, reading about this makes me so mad/sad/worried for humanity!


The use of the "R" word is bad enough but it gets so much worse than that Yell. And it's signed by someone who claims she's a mother...ugggh!

When my son was younger and his sensory issues more severe, we got a fair share of dirty looks but nothing even close to this level of hatred. What kind of experiences (good or bad) have you all experienced?


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Fri, 08-23-2013 - 12:50pm

Yesterday my mom had my kids at a local beach there was an autistic boy and she could tell my oldest was a bit annoyed. She pulled him aside let my DS know the boy can't help it. There was another "normal" yet annoying child there too. Anyway the annoying "normal" child was being a brat and DS had enough of his sandcastles and when deciding to knock them down he invited the autistic boy to help and when the annoying boy tried to take over DS put him in his place. My mom was touched and impressed.

My DS has his own set of issues. Think he is the age he is getting it. He can't help things about himself so when my mom said that think the light came on. When he was a baby he had a cleft it was very visual and most people were nice but we would have the few and at the time you are just so enraged you get out of there fast and then think of the snappy come backs (like the girl at the mom who felt she needed to tell my mom after she gave him a dirty look in a snotty voice "they can fix that you know' really OMG though he needed to go through life disfigured.

At this point I just need to believe in karma. You never know what tomorrow brings, ask any parent who once had a "normal" child until the unthinkable...hope they find out who sent the note because she needs to own up to her ignorance.