8 Simple Stress Busters for Kids

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8 Simple Stress Busters for Kids
Sat, 06-18-2011 - 5:00pm
Calm Crying Bouts with Bunny Breaths

Teach your tykes relaxation techniques. Specifically designed for kids ages 5-11, these exercises can help them hit the brakes when their engines are revved too high. For instance: Trying to get a crying child to catch his breath? Do a few Bunny Breaths. This technique mirrors the way a child cries, we call it the "Sniff, Sniff, Blow." Have your child take two short inhales through the nose, then “blow” a long exhale out the mouth -- this will slow his breathing down and help his body relax. It may help to add a visual cue by counting the “sniffs” on two fingers and then “blow” across your open palm, like blowing a kiss. Practice when your child is calm so when he gets upset you can sniff, sniff, blow together. Eventually, he may instinctively use it to calm himself down.

The next time your child gets amped-up, distressed or teary-eyed, try any of these following relaxation techniques to help him or her settle down with a smile.

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