We are blogging his summer reading book

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We are blogging his summer reading book
Tue, 07-31-2012 - 9:44pm

Nathaniel already finished his one 'choice' book from his summer reading list and w/ my help he wrote me a 4 paragraph summary of that book.  For the one he has to read before the 6th grade year starts (Maniac Magee) I am having him blog about the book. So far we have only put up two blog posts but he is liking it.  He got to design the blog and I put up an assignment, he checks it and then does what I have asked him to do.  This seems to really be holding his interest. I hope it keeps up.  :smileyhappy:

Here is our blog address www.kidsummerreading.blogspot.com



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That is so neat! I love his choice of colors of the design! So he wrote that "Jump Rope Ryhme" ? - it's good!