Any more acceptances?

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Any more acceptances?
Tue, 11-27-2012 - 2:04pm

DD was accepted to the one college she applied to that has rolling admissions.  It's tempting in a lot of ways - she'd get a whole year's worth of credit for her AP classes and probably merit scholarship money, and it's a state school that costs a tiny fraction of all the other colleges she's applying to.  But it's about #7 on her list, and the odds are good she'll get into at least one of her top 6.

Right now she's biding her time until she finds out if she got accepted to her #1 choice on early decision.  If the answer is no, she'll submit her applications to all the other universities.  Given the cost of applying to each, she decided to have the applications ready by Dec 15 but not release them until she knows whether she was accepted to her first choice.

Anyone else?

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Wed, 11-28-2012 - 3:56pm
I am afraid mine has completely dug her feet into the sand about even applying to anymore colleges. She signed her Letter of Intent for her top rated school, she received a 20% athletic scholarship and an $8k/year academic scholarship. She till has more scholarship apps out there and is continually applying for more, but I really do wish she would apply some more places. I am rally afraid this school is too expensive for us. She did receive a letter in teh mail today from another university granting her a scholarship that covers the cost of out of state tuition, so she would pay in state tuition (since it is an out of state college) and says that she may very well be eligible for other scholarships. She hasn't even applied to this school and isn't even on her radar. She as been getting stuff from them, and I know they don't have the athletic team she wants, but I don't know if they have her major. I had really hoped getting an athletic scholarship at her 1st choice college, she could get the out of state tuition rate waived as I know there are plenty of colleges that do do that. DH says she needs to negotiate with them, they are a national school with a lot of attention on them right now because of football, and because of her grades and everything else, they should be offering her more. Does anyone have any thoughts or experience, can you actally negotiate over tuition?? I would love for her to go there, I am just really concerned about the price tag. Sorry, didn't mean to steal your post. That is awesome to hear about DD and her apps. I hope she gets into the ones she hopes for most!!
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Wed, 12-12-2012 - 11:56am

Wow, congratulations on the scholarships! We are hoping DD gets some merit money as well, although she missed one deadline for a major scholarship at one of her schools. (GRRRR!--it was for a full ride, plus a stipend and plane tickets home--someone will be very happy with that!). She does still have a shot at being considered for a half-ride at another school, though.

You can negotiate for more need-based aid if any of her scholarships are need based.. If your DD's scholarships are purely merit-based, they probably aren't negotiable, but I would definitely try to get the out of state tuition reduced to what in-state students pay. It's in the school's best interest, as it raises their profile to have top out of state students attending.

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Wed, 12-19-2012 - 11:29am

My daughter applied to 7 schools.  Got accepted into 2 and put in the general admission pool for 2 others.  She wants to be a graphic design major so she really wants to attend an art school (3 of the 7 she applied to) so she has to finish her portfolio before she will hear from 2 of them.  1 she was accepted without her portfolio.  But the art school are expensive and will come down to financial aid package.  But 2 acceptances are good.  We are keeping our fingers crossed for a few more. 

Her grades are excellent - over a 4.0, but her SATs stunk which knocked her out of alot of scholarships :(

Oh well ... fingers crossed for everyone to get into their first choice

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Tue, 01-01-2013 - 7:54pm
My daughter has had a few acceptances, with more applications out, but she got accepted to Fairfield University with a merit scholarship, and will likely take it.