The GED...

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The GED...
Tue, 11-02-2010 - 5:47pm

Hello everyone.

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Tue, 11-02-2010 - 9:52pm

How much longer until he graduates?

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Tue, 11-02-2010 - 10:02pm

We recently were volunteering at a local "crisis" pregnancy and its sister ministry that helps young women with education, parenting, etc.

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Wed, 11-03-2010 - 12:58am

There are many paths to a happy and fulfilling life. I don't really see anything wrong with him getting his GED. It does mean he'll most

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Wed, 11-03-2010 - 2:04pm

As long as your son knows there will be new challenages to face by getting his GED than his diploma, then it's okay.

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Thu, 11-04-2010 - 8:13am

Thank you for the replies!!

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Thu, 11-04-2010 - 10:51am
My younger brother (age 20) dropped out and got his GED when he turned 18. He just did not fit into the typical HS structure. He then joined the Army Reserves and is doing great.

I dropped out, went to Job Corps and got my GED at age 16 (over 20yrs ago). I later went on to college and have a BS in Accounting.

I think if your son has a plan and know what he's looking at he'll be just fine.
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Thu, 11-04-2010 - 10:52am
You know that gifted children have one of the highest high school drop out rates of any group. People assume a smart kid "has it made" but in fact, school can be torture for them and 12 years, well, that's a long time to be tortured.

If he has a grounded plan, I'd let it go. He may need a gap year.... a year of work and life. Then he can face school again in a more adult atmosphere.
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Sat, 11-06-2010 - 1:19pm

I understand that he's having a tough time but he's gotten this far already.

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Tue, 11-09-2010 - 12:26pm

Here are my 2Centss:smileywink:

My oldest niece dropped out of HS before she graduated and never received her HS dipolma (this was several years ago) She did some retail jobs but soon realized that in order to get ahead she needed a dipolma- she got her GED and then after enrolled at Buffalo State College- she earned a degree and then continued on- she now has a Masters and she has been working at Buffalo State College for several years in the Admin Dept - for a while she maintained the College web-site. Would she had been better off graduating HS?- probably but she did prove that even with a GED you CAN do something if you put your mind to it.

If it is simply that he doesn't like the school atmosphere and the teachers- I don't see a problem with him leaving & going for the GED- but he should realize it won't be a piece of cake! I know in NY they do hold classes for kids who want to take the GED perhaps he should start looking into that. Even if he got his GED and then went to a CC - he would be better off than simply stayin at HS and failing!

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Sun, 11-14-2010 - 1:10am

If he is not planning on going to college anytime soon, and his high school grades are minimal to really bad, getting his GED is a reasonable alternative.

If he is as smart as you say, he most likely will not even need to take the GED prep course.