National Youth Forums?

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National Youth Forums?
Thu, 09-06-2012 - 6:38am


I'm Jenn, mom to ODD 14, YDD 11 and DS 20 months.  I'm curious to know if anyone has had experience with the National Youth Forums?  We received what looks like a form letter that our DD was nominated to attend the National Youth Forum on Medicine and we are very skeptical about it.  They said it was based on her "Academic Excellence" and interest in "Medicine!"  I'm curious how they obtained this information although I'm guessing it was through the schools, but I'm thinking it was even more so through the Pre-ACT test that the district performed last year and the fact that she did receive an academic excellence award!  Sorry if I'm not making sense; working all nite is catching up to me.

Has anyone heard of these forums?  Does this benefit a student to attend?

I spoke to one of the Emergency Physicians I work with and he has never heard of it before.  So, my skepticism is rising.  I've looked at the website and it looks legit, but it's so expensive, $2695 for 10 days, none of which are in the town we live in.