new teen drivers

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new teen drivers
Fri, 10-01-2010 - 7:27am

i was just wondering -

does anyone have rules for their kids about being in a car with a new driver?? Or if they are a new driver?(my dd won't get her license till next year)

I remember when i got my license (yes, way back when) my father put a restriction on me - that i could only have 1 friend in the car until i reached my 6 mo mark.

Dh and i are trying figure out - what, if any rules we should impose on our dd, about driving with new drivers, as several of her senior friends will be getting their licenses in the next few months.

We do trust one or two of her friends in general - but i am not sure of their skills, and we know that just passing a road test does not mean that they are good or safe drivers.


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Fri, 10-01-2010 - 8:54am

My son got his license in January.

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Fri, 10-01-2010 - 10:59am
Didn't have to have a family rule--it's Minnesota State law that a new driver can have only one person (non-family) in the car for the first six months. Even now that Sami's been driving a year--she gets distracted by her friends! I can definitely see where that rule would be helpful
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Fri, 10-01-2010 - 1:27pm

Our state has really odd driving laws.

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Wed, 10-06-2010 - 4:06pm

In MA we also have a rule that new teen drivers can't drive w/ another person under 21 (except family) in the car until they have had their license 6 mos.