Not thinking though college choices?

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Not thinking though college choices?
Tue, 03-19-2013 - 3:38pm

How would you handle the following situations?

I have a friend whose daughter is at the top of her class, and was offered a full scholarship at an out of state college.  Instead, she's thinking of attending a different college in a different state so that she will be close to a boy she met online.  She's interested in being a doctor, so has years of schooling and training ahead of her.

I was telling my sister about it, and she has a friend that went through something similar.  The daughter in that scenario was offered a full scholarship to one college, but she didn't like their program for education, so she chose to attend a college where she is only receiving financial aid. 



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Sun, 03-24-2013 - 11:03am
Congrats! When it comes to merit scholarship, I think it really should be open to anyone despite need. Your DD worked hard and is a brilliant girl. She deserves the perks that go with that!