Meeting with teachers; who should be there?

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Meeting with teachers; who should be there?
Thu, 02-06-2014 - 2:08pm

My ex & I have been seperated since 2009. We have two boys ages 13 (grade 7) & 9 (grade 4). We share 50/50 custody (week on week off Friday to Friday). The boys & I have lived with my partner for 4 years (we bought a home together in 2012).

My question is, should my partner be included in parent meetings with the teachers? Some say no as it's an issue myself & the Dad need to address. Others say yes since he's the boys' Step-Dad & live with him 50% of the time.

There is a major discussion coming up with the teacher & Principal regarding high school. The ex & I have conflicting ideas. As he wants our son to go to the school closest to him since its "easier" for himself (where the average parental income is less than $35k/year). I want him to go to the school with the best opportunity,  which also happens to be in my catchment area (where average parental income is greater than $60k/year). The ex never graduated from high school (so to me he should not get a say), whereas my partner did & I went to college.

Looking forward to your opinions. Thx :-)