3 across help 09' Sienna

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3 across help 09' Sienna
Fri, 06-04-2010 - 11:48pm

My big question before you wade through the details... is it okay to have the seat off-center from the LATCH?

I've got 2 Boulevards, a Snugride and 2 Radians to work with for two 3.5 yr olds FF and a 4 month old RF. I have a 7 passenger Toyota Sienna and I need to fit 3 across in the 3rd row. The 3rd row can latch 2 seats with 2 tether points. 1 latch and tether on the 40 portion with the other latch adjacent on the 60 portion.

I worked for about an hour tonight and my hands HURT. I've got the Radian's sitting on the 60 portion of the 3rd row FF. The outboard is seatbelted with no tether. The center is latched with tether but I had to kinda reach behind the seat to attach the latch, is this okay? It's a very tight install!

I've got a Boulevard on the 40 portion RFing, latched in and tethered with a D ring but again the latch didn't really line up well, the seat belt on the 40 portion is rigid on the female end and doesn't line up well at all for a FF install, I didn't try it with a RF install.

I tried to put the Radian's where I could tether both thinking the Boulevard would be tethered RFing but I couldn't get the Radians installed such that I could fit the Boulevard or even the Snugride base, the seatbelt and the latch pulled the Radian away from the wall of the van.

I'm open to ideas and if you need pictures I can get some when the sun comes up.

Thanks Ladies!