Just Bought Three Radian 65s and ?s

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Just Bought Three Radian 65s and ?s
Sat, 07-31-2010 - 12:54am

So, I wish there was a way to get definitive answers before buying them, but we found an insanely good deal (compared to all the other promotions I've seen) on the seats through an online retailer and they're the only seat that seems to fit our situation.

These are for Grandma's car. She has a 98 Oldsmobile Cutlass sedan, and we have yet to be able to take the three kids anywhere unless we have our minivan.

We have a three year-old boy (FF), a 23 month-old boy (RF) and a five month-old boy (RF). In our van, they're in Britax Marathons, or at least all three will be once we shift our infant from his Viaggio to his Marathon. I love the Marathons, are somewhat wedded to them, and as long as we have a minivan I'll keep them.

The reviews are so positive about the Radians, but I just need retroactive assurance, LOL. A few blogs and a lot of the Amazon reviews swear up and down that they'll fit three across in a back seat. I read that at face value when I read the info from SK. Is this widely true with few exceptions? The Oldsmobile Cutlass is considered a midsize car, but I stare at that and think "Wow, will three car seats ever fit across that thing?" Not having access to a Radian to look at in real life, it's hard to fathom.

My five month-old is 90th percentile all the way around. He's close to 20lbs. Should I purchase the infant insert from Sunshine Kids? Or is that an unnecessary expense?

I guess I can ask my mom next time I talk to her, but would a car of that model and year have LATCh? I know you can install the seats either way, but is it as difficult as they say if the car isn't LATCh? Especially when fitting the three? Google isn't helping me with this one. :)

Thanks in advance. I mean, yeah, the deal is done, but I just need to know if I should start asking questions about return policies now....



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Sun, 08-01-2010 - 8:49pm
We have a radian xt , using it FF now , and I really like it . We also were former marathon lovers , lol . I have had our radian installed in a few cars now and have gotten a