need 3 across in 2 different vehicles

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need 3 across in 2 different vehicles
Thu, 01-03-2013 - 3:51pm

Hi everyone!  My DH and I are unexpectedly expecting baby #3 in June!  We have 2 vehicles that we will need to try and do 3 across with since buying a bigger vehicle is not a feasible option right now.

 We already have a soon to be 4 year old (3 wks from now) who is harnessed in a ff/high back booster comb, evenflo(?) I think.  Can't remember exactly what kind but it harnesses to 50 lbs and he weighs in at 48 currently.  He also uses a triumph in our other vehicle that also harnesses to 50lb, and he is at the max for the strap height.  I know that technically he can booster once he turns 4, and honestly he is a good rider, but I don't think it is our best option.  

We also have a RF 21 month old who I feel we will FF before the new baby arrives.  She is currently in 2 myrides and is fine in those.  She is tall and weighs in at 28 lbs so I am thinking for a fix until the baby arrives we will put her RF in the convertible that my oldest is almost outgrown and pop him in one of the myrides since they have higher weight limits and strap heights.  

the new baby will obviously need to RF for at least 2 years and I would like an easy to use seat.  

We have a dodge caliber 2007 that has latch in at least the 2 outside spots, can't remember if the middle does as well.  Our other vehicleis an 06 ford escape.  Realistically 3 across in both vehicles is best for us.  One car often does drop off and the other does pick up and installing car seats every day at the sitters is really frustrating and I know that DH does not always do it as well as it should be done.  Suggestions for new seats to buy or look at and how to configure them once they are in there?  Also any thoughts on if we may be able to buy just one or 2 new seats rather than 3 or 6? 

Thanks so much!


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