Need a new carseat soon

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Need a new carseat soon
Wed, 02-15-2012 - 3:42pm

I would love some help figuring out which car seat to buy. I need to order one this week. We only have a Kmart and Walmart here and a BRU is hours away so I need to buy one online. So I cant try them out.

I have an 18 month old who is currently approximately 23 pounds and a tad under 32 inches. Sitting, his butt to shoulder is 11" and his butt to top of head is 18 1/2" He is currently RF in a Graco Snugride 35. I think he still has room above his head ( I've been on modified bedrest for the past month so haven't taken him anywhere), but I noticed online it has a maximum height of 32 inches for height. I was going to get him a new one soon anyway because I'm pregnant and want to use this one for the new baby in August.

When my 8 year old was this age we had him in a Britax Marathon from about 7 months (he was a big baby) until the seat expired (so he was about 6 1/2?) but looking back he might have been over the height on that one at that age. We loved that seat. At 18mths my now 8 year old was the same height as this one.

I'm scared to buy another marathon cause I fear that it won't last a long time and I really need a seat that will preferably last until it expires. I'd really like something soft and cushy and easy to install and use like the marathon.

Also, we have a 2003 chevy venture van. I has three seats in the middle. Right now my 8 year old is on the left side in a Monterey booster, and the 18mth old on the right side in his snugride. Not sure how to arrange the seats. I need to keep one side open so people can get to the back seat so that leaves the snugride on the right side where it is and the new seat in the middle? I'd need a seat that will fit next to the snugride.


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Thu, 02-16-2012 - 12:09pm
First off, so long as he has more than 1" of hard shell above his head, you are good to go. The height limits given by manufacturers are averages of when most kids would outgrow the seat by height. So you may have more time than you think.

I know one narrow seat is the Sunshine Kids Radian. It RF's to 40 or 45lbs depending on model, and FF's to 65 or 80lbs. It works well for 3 across or needing to have room for adults/older kids to sit next to it. It is also one of the tallest seats on the market, so you get lots of good RFing time with both height and weight.

I'm certain that there are other options out there, but I can't think if them right now. Hopefully some of our other ladies come and help out.
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Thu, 02-16-2012 - 7:42pm

I agree with the previous poster. The Radian would be a perfect seat. It fits in narrow spots and is good for a 3 across or for adults to sit next to. I will post there website below. They know have convertible to booster seats. I am not sure how well the booster seat works but these are well liked seats.

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