Small car, big car seat expectations

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Small car, big car seat expectations
Sun, 04-15-2012 - 12:04pm

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I have a First Years True Fit for my DS and he has been in it since birth. He was 8lbs 2(or3)oz and 21 inches. It comes with an infant insert for the littles, which lifted him (appropriately) to have his shoulders even with the bottom harness slot. It has a removable headrest for when the child is less than 22lbs or has more than one inch of hard shell above their head without it. This made it possible for me to install this seat at 45* in a Toyota Celica GT, 2 door. There is like no leg space in that back seat, but the passenger seat did have to be all the way up. With this seat, once the child needs the headrest, it can be installed more upright than 45*, closer to 35* (infant buckets cannot do this, at least not ones I've seen) which gives you more front to back room. This seat RF's (rearfaces) to 35lbs and FF's (forward faces) to 65lbs. My DS has been a large child and just recently out-grew it RFing by weight in Feb/March at about 2.5 years old, he was also very close to outgrowing it by height. More children outgrow seats by height before weight.

in answer to 1) Have you/ Can you install the seat in the middle, placing it between the captains chairs in front? That may eliminate the seat in front need to be all the way forward

in answer to 2) I got my harness straps tightened for my DS and never loosened them. Only had to adjust them every couple of months as he grew, and now its like every 6 months as he grows. My choice to avoid that problem.

in answer to 3) Most seats with really low first slots like that are VERY short seats that are outgrown much earlier than you are wanting. Unless she is preemie or otherwise super tiny, she will likely fit in any infant bucket seat just fine. Or an appropriate newborn fitting convertible, like the True Fit, Evenflo Triumph Advance, argh, I know there are others, but I can't think of them. Oh yeah, Diono Radian, it RF's to 45lbs and FF's to 80 or 85lbs, but it is a very tall seat. Its also very narrow, so it also often fits between captains chairs, allowing kids to RF for a very long time, and grown ups to sit next to it as well.

HTH some, please come back with any more questions and we'll try to help more :)