Trying to find a car seat rear facing small vehicle

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Trying to find a car seat rear facing small vehicle
Sat, 08-25-2012 - 4:45pm

Im trying to find a rear facing then turning to front facing car seat. I have a small car its a Chevy Cruz. My oldest is  in a booster seat and me and my husband have long legs so there really isn't to much room. Does anyone have any suggestions on what car seat I should buy. My baby is only 4 months 13lbs and 24inches. IM not in a rush to switch her but I got to know how much I need to save for one.

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Sat, 08-25-2012 - 11:15pm
I have managed to fit a Cosco Scenera and a First Years True Fit into the back of a Toyota Celica GT. Both of those seats have a 35lbs RearFacing (RF) limit, the Scenera has a 40lbs Foward Facing (FF) limit, the True Fit (TF) a 65lbs FF limit.

The TF has a removable head rest that is needed once the child reaches the top of the seat w/o it, or is 22lbs. Making it much easier to fit into small spaces. Also older babies, with good head control, can be placed more upright in convertible seats. As much as 30*, rather than the 45* required by most buckets. Once the head rest is put on the TF it is one of the tallest seats on the market, my son made it to 2.5 RFing in it, when he reached the weight limit and was about 39" tall.

The Scenera is a much shorter seat, my son outgrew it at about 16 months, and 33" tall. I know 6" doesn't seem like mch, but the time it took him to get those inches meant his bones where that much more developed and able to handle crash forces.

The TF is about $180, the Scenera is about $50. The TF will last you much longer, as my son, who will be 3 in Sept, is 40" tall, 40lbs and has lots of room left. He outgrew the Scenera in May when he hit 40lbs and was over the top harness slots.

HTH some, and maybe I'll be able to come up with some more suggestions for you later.