Which Raidan?

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Which Raidan?
Mon, 08-02-2010 - 3:25pm

I need to get a seat for my 1 yr old for grandma's car.  Thinking the Raidan will be the best because having 13 grandbabies will give her the room when having to take a few in her Ford SE Wagon. The only ones in a car seat would be in the Raidan and my 5 yr old who is in a Parkway

Was not sure if to get the the Raidan XTSL or the  80SL?  What is your opinion



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Tue, 08-03-2010 - 12:11pm

Lori -

For a secondary vehicle, I would probably buy the least expensive version.

I'm not sure the Radian would be the best choice because it can be difficult to install. It sounds like it would be used for different sized children and there are adjustments you need to make each time you install it for a different child - like adjusting the harness slots. It also has a safestop that has to be used for children under 40lbs but cannot be used for a child over 40lbs. There is just a lot to remember and even my 40yo DH forgets these things when he is installing seats for our twins.

What are the ages and sizes