Pedometer and Drawstring Sling Backpack Bag

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Pedometer and Drawstring Sling Backpack Bag
Sun, 06-10-2012 - 11:35pm

From Walgreens pharmacies  They are being sponsored (or cosponsored) by The Celebrity Apprentice.

The pedometer and bag are packaged together in red boxes, available at Walgreens pharmacies.

You can just use the pedometer and bag on their own, or you can opt to participate in the Walk with Walgreens $100 Million Walgreens Way to Well Committment program either online at or or by texting WALK to 21525.

I was in there picking up some Rx's and saw them; I don't watch The Celebrity Apprentice so maybe that's why I'd not heard of this, but I'm always forgetting my pedometer :smileywink:.


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