2010 Goals

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2010 Goals
Sun, 12-27-2009 - 3:26pm

As 2009 winds down, I'm sure there are plenty of us who are already thinking about goals for 2010.

Have you decided on any financial goals for 2010? Are you wanting to reduce your debt load? Would you like to put more money into savings? Do you need to do a budget review? How do you plan to achieve your goals?

What about frugal goals for 2010? Examples could be trying to reduce energy costs, shopping around for a better deal on car/home insurance, spending less on eating out, etc. Any ideas how you will accomplish these?

Do you have any personal goals for yourself? Are you wanting to drop a few pounds by starting an exercise routine or eating healthier? Will you plan more ME time for yourself? Maybe you have a goal related to a hobby?

Please share both your financial, frugal and personal goals for the New Year! You may just inspire someone else!! :-)



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Sun, 12-27-2009 - 3:47pm

I didn't do this last year and I really want to be on the ball this year.

Financial/Frugal Goals- James takes care of the bills, however I am in charge of the weekly household budget of between $220-240. This budget is to include all household expenses, including prescriptions, doctor's visits, groceries and dining out. It sounds like alot but it doesn't stretch very far with the high costs of medicine, copays and groceries.

So my goals are to:

1. Stay within my budget.

2. Set aside $20 dollars a week from the household to create

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Sun, 12-27-2009 - 5:34pm
I won't promise myself anything.


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Sun, 12-27-2009 - 7:43pm

One of my goals is reducing clutter.

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Sun, 12-27-2009 - 7:52pm

1. stay on budget

2. pay off CC'd,start paying more on our line of credit( from $600 a month to $800!)

3. save for a new shed and fence

4. pay cash for summer vacation.

5. buy only what's needed when needed nomore clutter!

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Sun, 12-27-2009 - 7:57pm


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Sun, 12-27-2009 - 8:16pm
hello!! well, first of all, im planning to eat healthier. i'm starting to think about having another baby, but id like to drop 15-20 pounds before that happens. even if i dont have another child, id still like to drop the weight. i'm also planning to get back on track financially. we got slightly derailed in the last month and are now trying to get back together financially. its a long hard climb, but i'm going to get there...i'm on payment arrangements for my electric bill...the gas bill will be next. once i get those set, then i can work on paying off credit cards. im a really good frugal shopper, but i can always get better. id also like to keep my dh from making impulse purchases and draining our monies that way. but that street goes both ways-i have to make sure i dont go crazy with impulse purchases either. i'm also going to try to put away a lil bit of money here and there as a clothing fund for my kids. i know that my odd is going to need shorts this summer and jeans next winter. plus they both go through shoes like crazy and next winter, theyll probably be in need of boots and coats
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Sun, 12-27-2009 - 8:22pm
I haven't figured out goals yet, but just wanted to thread crash about the beef roast. Check out Alton Brown's good eats episode about beef roast. This is what my brother did this year for dinner, and it was excellent (and I'm not a big meat eater) It was decided he'll do this every year now.

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Mon, 12-28-2009 - 9:13am

So far my goals are shaping up like this:

  • Stick to the budget - I'm good at doing the budget and adjusting it, but I need to stick to it.
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Mon, 12-28-2009 - 9:20am

Have you decided on any financial goals for 2010? Are you wanting to reduce your debt load? Would you like to put more money into savings? Do you need to do a budget review? How do you plan to achieve your goals?

Right now we are debt free besides our mortgage.

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Mon, 12-28-2009 - 10:20am

Getting back on the frugal wagon is a big priority for me. The last six months have been very bad for me. My dd had some medical issues spring up at the end of last school year (she is doing much better now!). That combined with house and car troubles (expensive!), and it was very emotionally and physically draining for a while. I just had to let go of things in order to stay sane! Menu planning, bargain hunting, reusing and recycling, etc...