2/19 Thrifty Thursday

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2/19 Thrifty Thursday
Wed, 02-18-2009 - 10:42pm

What was the one frugal thing you did this week that saved you the most money? Tell us about other frugal things you've already done or will do?

The one thing I did that saved us the most $$$ was not rushing out to buy a new computer while my old stupid one is dying its slow death! That is definitely what I WANTED to do!!! Instead, I took my mom up on her offer to borrow her laptop that she doesn't use. I'll be calling a friend's techy dh to beg him to take a look at my old stupid one to see if it can be salvaged. Maybe I can barter my dh's carpentery skills for her dh's IT skills, lol! (I know she has things she wants done aroung the house that her dh never gets around to doing, lol!)

Other frugal things (mostly habits for me).......

Packed school lunches.

Line dried laundry.

Planned menus using what we have on hand. All very easy stuff since dh has been gone all week at dinner time.

Took a sub job one morning when I didn't really feel like doing it.

Used the library for books, exercise dvds, internet service.

Have not gone to Walgreens, Target, Wal-mart or any other stores. We just really do not need anything extra this week. Passed up a few *good* deals. Sooner or later, whatever I passed up will be on sale again before I actually run out of whatever.

Will mostly be staying home this weekend. I hope to do some baking and stashing some stuff in the freezer.


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Thu, 02-19-2009 - 12:35am

Busywith5kids...I remembered that my challenge for this month is to meet or exceed your average budget of $357.00 a

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Thu, 02-19-2009 - 4:55am

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Thu, 02-19-2009 - 8:34am

Dh spent two hours fixing my sewing machine rather than sending it out to be repaired.

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Thu, 02-19-2009 - 9:16am

I managed to go one whole week without a trip to the grocery store! My pantry and freezer had been getting fuller and fuller and my schedule was busier this week, so I did an exile. WOOHOO. Love when I don't have to go to the store.

This Thursday I'm focusing on getting some meals in the freezer for the nights I'm working and don't have the energy to cook when I get home.

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Thu, 02-19-2009 - 9:18am

I did my taxes with turbo tax instead of going to handrblock. So that saved us some money.

Ate at home all week. Stocked up on canned fruit (finally a price I will do).

I also have started turning down the heat at night. (hopefully that will save some money)

Took a

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Thu, 02-19-2009 - 1:03pm

We've been semi thrifty this week, only because we've had literally no money in the account. We did have a friend who held onto a $50 check, and DH gets his unemployment check today.

Sooo... Sun. & Mon. we were at home (road was too snowy still anyway). Tues., we headed down the hill because we had errands to run, and DH had dr. apt. yesterday, early. I packed the rest of the tuna salad for lunch, as well as the rest of the food. Tues. night I made Stroganoff Hamburger Helper at my parents house, for dinner. Wed. morning was just cold ceral and fruit. We did splurge and have In-N-Out Burger for lunch though. And we did all our shopping at Kmart since we have a Sears Card. I HATE doing that, but we were practically out of diapers. Then last night, we just had soup & salad for dinner.


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Thu, 02-19-2009 - 1:11pm

Oh dear... we got our tax refund and I'm afraid I haven't been very thrifty with it!



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Thu, 02-19-2009 - 1:34pm
I haven't been thrifty at all.
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Thu, 02-19-2009 - 1:49pm

What was the one frugal thing you did this week that saved you the most money?

  • I scraped 150 ounces of laundry detergent back into the bottle instead of buying another one for $13.88

Tell us about other frugal things you've already done or will do?


  • Ate left-overs for lunch at work

  • Combine Shopping and Errand Trips by planning out what I have to do beforehand

  • Did not purchase a $10 Yellow Shirt for our Daffodil Days Campaign at work, but will look at Goodwill for one cheaper (I have no Yellow in my Wardrobe)

  • Made dinner for kids before we picked up DH so we wouldn't be tempted to stop out due to time and hunger.

  • Found a double in the wall oven in the paper for $300 - if it works and it's newer and it its, it's ours!

  • Made YUMMY Bean dip to take to work for our carry-in instead of buying something ready made

  • Having left-over bean dip to take home for DH to eat for dinner, when we ate before we picked him up

  • menu planed all our meals. Took me 10 minutes maybe at work, and saves me headache and time when it stressed and rushed in the evening. Just writing something down gives me the direction I need.

Will do:

  • Enter Bills and Reciepts into Money program to track spending

  • Say no to kids when the ask if they can get something from the check-out lane

  • Hopefully do our taxes, or at least start so I have an estimate of what we're getting back

  • Open a HSA (Health Savings Account) at my local bank instead of the company's bank, saving monthy user fees and a bunch of other bogus fees

  • Won't have to shop this week - we're stocked to the gills

Frugal Fuzzies,


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Thu, 02-19-2009 - 4:35pm
Well, I saved a service call fee by finding out what was wrong with the cable internet (loose wire at splitter box), asked for and got a bunch of envelopes from the Hallmark card lady at the drug store, which I will use and share. I'm switching a couple bills to online payment, haven't eaten fast food at all in 2009, but that may change tomorrow as I have a mystery shop at a fast food place, and I get to reward them with gift cards if they do well, that should be a lot of fun!