3/5 Thrifty Thursday

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3/5 Thrifty Thursday
Thu, 03-05-2009 - 8:46am
What are some of the frugal things you've done this week? Anything UNfrugal?


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Thu, 03-05-2009 - 9:31am

Let's see...stayed home a lot this week which is always a frugal thing! LOL

I did venture out to Target on Tuesday for a bit - my dd needed all new underwear (TMI, she would be dying of embarrassment right now!)...and everything I bought her was from the clearance section, and I did extremely well.

Found coins while doing the laundry and cleaning the kid's rec room...put my "pay" into the coin jar (which says "beer money" on it, lol)...

Planned meals and ate at home all week so far (and continuing for the rest of the week as well). Dh was home 2 days this week, so he ate lunch here.

Walked home from my girlfriend's house yesterday, instead of having her drive me the 8 blocks or so (okay, frugal for her, lol)...

I do need to go to the supermarket today...but I have my list all ready!!


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Thu, 03-05-2009 - 10:10am

I stayed home a lot, too! :-)

Our CC rate adjusted


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Thu, 03-05-2009 - 10:25am

This week was a good week for me. I cooked all week long. Did my usuall turning off everything and unpluging everything. This weekend we will have a line for drying clothes in the basement. :)) We've been using up what's on hand and freezing what's left. I made chili and turned the leftovers into chili mac with the vel. cheese that needed to be used up. Oh and I made some yeast rolls for the first time ever. That turned into a flop but I tried. I am going to make a list for food next week and not take ds!! For the budget part I am putting every penny I can into debt.


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Thu, 03-05-2009 - 11:10am

Life is insane this week, I counted 13 meetings or appts we had this week. Some at our house, thankfully, and next time I make 5 dental appts in one week, smack me ok?

I am sick and have been sticking the laundry in the dryer and turning the heat up. I have over spent on groceries already and I have another week before payday. Some weeks are better than others, and this one isn't a good one.

Oh and we are going to an indoor waterpark this weekend, and that will be pricey. Can we just fastforward to next week when I think things will be better?


Mom to 4 in Ohio

Getting Ahead Blog


Mom to 4 in Ohio

Getting Ahead Blog

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Thu, 03-05-2009 - 11:30am

Oh my. Well on the plus side we've eaten meals at home.



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Thu, 03-05-2009 - 11:40am

Pretty frugal week for me. Here are a few *out of the ordinary* things we've done this week.............

Returned some things to Walgreen's this morning that dh had a problem with the other day. (You can read about that here.) I ended up getting my $$ back on those items. Did a few more deals there today. Earned some RR plus paid for most of it w/my gc that had last month's rebates on it. Today only $7.13 oop for a tube of Colgate, 2 things of Viactiv calcium chews and 3 12pks of Pepsi. And since they had returned $9.38 from dh's mess, I guess you could say they actually paid me $2.25 to buy that stuff today!

We're going camping this weekend. I planned all of our meals using things that are on hand. No special snacks bought like I sometimes will do. A few other frugal things we'll do while camping.....We always fill up our 40 gal. water tank when we get to the park. That saves on our water bill at home plus less weight we're pulling on the drive so gas mileage is somewhat better. Our camper has a propane furnace. However, we rarely use that for heat. Instead, we have 2 electric space heaters that heat the camper pretty well. We're paying for an electric site anyway, so might as well get our $$'s worth.

Dh had a side job this week. The people had bought new 6 panel doors to replace some of their inside doors. Dh brought home the old ones and adapted/installed them in our basement. We've been living w/out them for years, but it will look nicer down there w/them. One is now closing off the little *closet* area where my laundry chute empties to. The other 2 close off my laundry room & dh's work room. (The bedrooms already had doors.) The doors will still need to be painted. Dh will do that probably next week, using paint that my mom had leftover from something and doesn't need anymore.

So, those are my *biggies* for the week. Of course, I've done my usual things that I always do......

Line dried all laundry. Washed most loads in cold water. Used less detergent than recommended by manufacturer. Used my homemade stain remover. Used white vinegar instead of fabric softener.

Packed school lunches for the boys. Dh & I ate leftovers for lunches or made sandwiches at home.

Planned menus using things already on hand.

Most breakfasts were homemade.


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Thu, 03-05-2009 - 1:39pm

I learned my lesson on being unfrugal. I decided to splurge and get a mocha at Starbucks. Emily carried in her favorite Dora doll which I had tried to talk her out of but she was determined. I forgot about the doll and as we pulled into the driveway she started yelling "where's Dora" Ack!!!! Unfortunately the starbucks we had gone to was 20 minutes away and the freeway was all kinds of jammed up. :( It's been very sad in our house missing Dora. So I got my stupid $4 coffee treat but now have to find a new doll.

On the other hand, I've dried what little laundry I've done on the clothesline. Didn't do too much because of rain.

Turned in our cans and bottles for the CRV back added up to $6.60!

Have been walking my middle DD to and from school (gas savings!) and was finally able to get my oldest DD on her bus schedule so no more having to pick her up or take her to school. Plus all the extra walking is really good for me and making me feel good.

Oh and a friend offered us a dresser and queen size bed frame. Go to pick it up and it's a matching dresser and four poster bed with mattress and box spring in fabulous condition!! Exactly what we needed for the guest room but knew would be put off for a while. I was almost tempted to put it in my room!

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Thu, 03-05-2009 - 1:56pm


-have not eaten out once

-have not stopped at a store once

-took yummy left-overs and frugal crock pot chicken soup for lunch

-paid off CC (we put the washer/dryer on while I transfered the money from ING to checking)in full before interest hits

-Took snacks to pick up DDs so they wouldn't request stopping somewhere

-Did stop someone though with a Free Junior Frosty Coupon! YUM

-Made my own awesome Monkey invites for DD#3's b-day party - they're bananas, it's a monkey theme

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Thu, 03-05-2009 - 2:12pm

my only frugal thing this week was creative meals since I thought there was more meat chioces in the chest freezer

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Thu, 03-05-2009 - 3:06pm

I'm feeling particularly frugal this week.