April Goals

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April Goals
Wed, 03-31-2010 - 9:59pm

What will you be working on in April?

1. Keep trying to reduce the amount spent on household stuff. Maybe I need a *Walgreens/Target/Walmart* ban???

2. Declutter. This month I'd like to work on cleaning out our shed, if the weather cooperates. File/trash 2 stacks of papers on the floor of computer room. Go through my clothes and donate stuff I haven't worn for awhile. Work on organizing my exercise resources.

3. Make camping reservations for July.

Keeping it simple this month since we'll be gone a couple weekends on camping trips. :-)



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Tue, 04-06-2010 - 4:01pm

1. Stick to grocery budget!

2. Stick to weekly meal planning (i have been doing this and helps so much)

3. Get rid of bassinet.

4. wash and put coats, hats and boots away.

5. Consignment some more baby things

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Wed, 04-07-2010 - 7:44am

1. Survive. Try to figure out how


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Wed, 04-07-2010 - 9:29am

Meet with

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Wed, 04-14-2010 - 4:30pm

My goals this month:

Get at least one more full time client.

Set up medical insurance for my family.

Reduce utilities and expenses: (<=less than) This is a big goal for me. If I can get these lower, I will be a happy camper!!!!

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