Are there any bank tellers in here??..m

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Are there any bank tellers in here??..m
Wed, 08-20-2003 - 8:56am
Ok - so I have an interview on Thursday for the local bank located in our Superstore Wal-mart. It's called Flagstar, and I'm really excited!! I just finished my Medical Billing class, but in order to get your diploma, the debt has to be paid off. I want to pay it all of on my own, and would hope that this job would help. I put my resume on and the lady called yesterday, then I got back with her to schedule my interview. I have no clue what to wear (I have a really cute pair of Khaki capris from Old Navy that are great, and a nice paisley shirt that I just bought?), what to say..etc. I've never been to a professional interview. Just to inrerviews for Daycares, and well, retail stores. Anyway's, she sounded like she was only going to be interviewing me, so I really am set for this. This would be the ideal job for me for the next couple of years until I get certified in Nursing and Medical Billing. Please keep me in your prayers, and all advice is needed!!


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Wed, 08-20-2003 - 9:15am
You definitely want to wear something more professional than capris. "Cute" is not interview clothing material, you want to look professional. Capris are not interview clothing material. A casual suit would be your best bet or a skirt paired with a tailored shirt.

As for questions to be prepared for, should have links to interview questions, what to prepared for, etc.. Otherwise you can try

Good Luck.

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Wed, 08-20-2003 - 9:29am
I'm not a teller, but I work for a bank, and all of our departments have the same dress code. In our bank, capris are not appropriate as business casual attire, so count them out for an interview. We are only allowed to wear capris on designated dress-down (jeans) days. A skirt and a nice blouse with jacket or tailored pantsuit is much more appropriate for an interview.

I second the suggestion about looking at websites for examples of interview questions. The best way to prepare for an interview is to practice, practice, practice. Many interviewers ask the same basic questions, and if you have some answers thought up ahead of time, you'll sound polished. Here's a great website with all sorts of interview info:

Good luck!


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Wed, 08-20-2003 - 9:39am
Good luck with your interview! I've always kind of found interviews to be fun--when else do you get a chance to talk about yourself and brag so much? LOL!

The best advice I've ever received about dressing for an interview is to dress one notch above the position you're applying for. So go into the bank, check out what the tellers are wearing, then try to dress a little better than that. Banks tend to be pretty professional, although the local branches are more casual than the main banks, so you'll probably want to wear something a bit more polished than capris.

The other bit of advice about interviewing: don't try to prepare too much, having pat answers in place for all of the expected questions. Spend some time thinking about your own strengths and how they would help in a job like this. If you know your own mind, your own strengths, and your own goals, you'll be comfortable with any question they ask. Oh, and if they ask the standard questions "what is your greatest weakness?" the correct answer is NOT "I'm too much of a perfectionist." Anyone can see through that. Either answer honestly (in my case, it's "I get impatient and bored doing routine paperwork and tend to procrastinate doing it.") or turn the question into a joke ("I'd have to say my greatest weakness is cheescake.").

Good luck! I hope you get the job!


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Wed, 08-20-2003 - 9:58am
i've never wroked in a bank but capris would be a no no for any job interview. go with a skirt or dress or business type suit. you should always dress well for interviews capris are to casual.

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Wed, 08-20-2003 - 8:49pm
Advice from a Banker: Do Not wear Capris. Dress professionally, even if you have to borrow something. You know the old saying, you only get 1 chance to make a first impression, well it is so true here. What they will be looking for more than anything is how you present yourself. Be confident, wear a smile, and be well spoken in your answers. Its not so much about what you know, as much as it is about how you present yourself. You know that catch phrase "experience preferred, but will train the right person?" Nothing is more truer in banking. Bank Tellers are the very first, and sometimes the only bank employees that customers deal with. How you present yourself, sets the tone for the whole institution, and is the main reason people choose to bank where they do. They are going to be looking for someone who is confident, personable, if you can make them feel confident, then they know their customers are going to feel confident too. Thats what they want. By all means, think about how you would answer the normal interview questions, that definately won't hurt, but more importantly be yourself. Experience counts for some, so if you have certain skills, mainly money handling ( great if you've worked in retail, and computer, be sure and address those skills in your interview. I would probably take another copy of my resume, beings you said you posted it on the internet, in case they need it. At the end of your interview, make sure you leave with a sincere Thank You and a warm handshake. If they don't offer their hand, to you, take the initiative and extend yours. Good Luck, I hope you get the job. I can tell you from experience, sometimes the job can be a little dull, but the hours and benefits are usually great. Its a great filler job if you don't intend to make banking your career.
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Fri, 08-22-2003 - 8:33pm
I have alway heard that for interviews wear one step above what you would wear on the job.

If it is a job you could wear jeans to then dockors/khakis are ok.

If you would wear dockors/khakis then dress pants/dress/skirt would be good.

If you would wear dress pants/dress/skirt then a suit would be appropriate.