Challenge for free things

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Challenge for free things
Thu, 11-26-2009 - 9:37am

This is such a great board.

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Thu, 11-26-2009 - 6:12pm

As far as I know no one around here double coupons but I still occasionally get frebbies.

Yesterday they had coupons at my regular grocery store, buy cheese get $2.00 off a second package. The cheese was on sale for $1.99.

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Fri, 11-27-2009 - 8:23am
yeah most stores do not double coupon.
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Fri, 11-27-2009 - 1:35pm

I LOVE getting free things, though certainly not as dilegent as I should be.

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Tue, 12-01-2009 - 10:13am
I get those $25 g/c's from CVS for refilling my prescription there (my ds has one too so I usually get two per month $50). They accept competitors coupons. Anyhow, usually I kinda end up blowing it on odds and ends but this month I got my ds a 4GB MP3 video player for free w/ that card and I got two of those remote cars that change colors and flip for $9.99 (it was B1G1 free). They are going under the tree.