EOM goal check-in

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EOM goal check-in
Wed, 03-31-2010 - 9:52pm

How did you do with your March goals?

Let's see.......

1. Control the amount I spend on household items. Could still be better. But it was less than last month.

2. Declutter. This month I want to work on our computer room--way too many stacks of papers. I also want to go through my music cds. I'm getting rid of these after ripping the tracks I want to my computer. (They'll be donated to our library for their annual book sale fundraiser.) When my kids are on spring break, we will also be working on their closet. The computer room could still use a bit of work, but it's LOTS better than it was at the beginning of the month. I'm done going through my cds; I'll have ds rip the last ones when he is home this weekend. I've already donated 90 cds to the library. The rest will be donated after this weekend. I did have the youngest 2 clean out their closet over their break. They were pretty good about donating no-longer-used toys. I got rid of 158 things in March, bringing my ytd total to 892 things gone from this house!!!

3. Make those darn appts. that I never made in Feb. Finally DONE!!!

4. Make camping reservations for some trips in June & July. I've made a couple for June. We're still trying to work out the dates for July.

5. Do some fun things over spring break. (Other than cleaning the above-mentioned closet, LOL!) We have so many free places in this area. I hope to hit the Zoo and the Science Center. I'd also like to camp, but that depends on the weather and will be a last minute thing. We went to the Zoo (free) and the Magic House (used 2 B1G1 coupons). Dh took the boys bowling one day. Took the report cards up to Blockbuster for their free movie for good grades and had a movie night.


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Wed, 03-31-2010 - 10:11pm

1. Cut the Household budget to $180 a week, with $40-$60 being set aside in cash for emergencies or additional costs. (This may seem drastic, but I am getting ready for the worse case scenerio, because I will not have a job in September with my current school). The worse case happened, I recieved my lay off notice and that my last day will be June 22nd with my company, so the $180 budget is a go for a long while, however I was not able to save the $40-60 a week in cash like I wanted, I am aiming for $20 a week next month.

2. All additional money leftover each week from household budget and gas budget will be placed into the savings account. This has happened, but due to recent illness, our saving is temporarily wiped out for the moment. This is giving DH ulcers :)

3. Pay 6 months worth of car insurance from tax return, and then bank remainder of

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hello!! well, my march goals were:
1. move in and get settled-did that, had our first emergency with the plumbing about 2 weeks ago, got it fixed and everything is settled. im into a routine with housecleaning and laundry now.
2. keep all my bills on track according to the budget: did okay with this one. had to do some rearranging halfway through the month and we havent paid our water bill yet, but for the most part-everything is okay on that front.
3. work, work and work some more-definitely did that. i have worked 25 days out of last month. granted theyve only been 5-5 1/2 hour days, but i have still worked quite a few of them.
4. stick to my diet and try to lose weight: well, theres always this month!! LOL i dont know what it was this last
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Wed, 04-07-2010 - 7:34am

1. Find DF a new job. Pretty positive he is getting laid off in the morning so this needs to be done ASAP. Were aware of how the job market is so were kinda scared right now since im a SAHM. we have a little over a months worth of expenses in savings right now, we were working on the Efund but things like this always seems to deplete it right as you get rolling lol. He did get laid off, and he found 2 jobs immediately and took one. He hasn't started yet but hopefully very soon. He start the job and is done with training. Fingers crossed that it pays well and we get caught back up soon.

2. 30 day shred starting tomorrow and lose these 5 lbs i just gained back plus another 8 would be nice. I lost the 8 lbs, and now have gained 5 back. The day after we started the shred we all got stomach viruses and I havnt been motivated to start back since. Maybe today since I'm checking in on myself. I Fluctuated all month like crazy and didnt do very well. I'm down a total of 18 lbs still so I'm only up 2 now

3.Spring cleaning, since DF will be home more I want this place spotless and decluttered by april! heft goal I don't know if we will be done by april but the master bath, bedroom and closet are all down and my daughter's closet is done as well. Everything was done except organizing the kitchen cabinets. Now it just feels like the place needs it all over again lol.

4. Improve on not eating out and cutting out sodas. SO SO bad about this one this month! We did GREAT last month and the first week of march but since then we have been AWFUL about this Still bad.

5. Im leaving #5 blank because by mid month I may have added a new goal. DF does have a possibilty of getting a job he interviewed for and has to do some testing for on tuesday so if he gets it theres a goal i will definitely be adding.

My new goal is to get our college stuff done and financial aid filled out. Didn't complete this


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