Frugal Ways to Go Back to School

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Frugal Ways to Go Back to School
Fri, 08-10-2012 - 10:54am

We just paid the kids' registration fees and first month's tuition.  While tuition remains the same this year, registration fees nearly doubled (thank you to the school for giving us an entire week's notice on that one).  As a result, there's not much left for back to school shopping.

There are some things on the supply list that we already have (pencils, scissors, ruler).  We bought both kids really nice backpacks from Lands' End that they'll both be using again this year.  This will be Ian's 6th year using his.  I do need to figure out the uniform situation (what fits and what doesn't).  Lucy will need school clothes.  She just went through a pretty significant growth spurt within the last few weeks.

What's your back to school budget look like this year?  How are you keeping the costs down?

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Sat, 08-11-2012 - 8:11am
I have gotten new backpacks and supplies free as well as two lunchboxes
haircuts are free thru jcpennys
shoes are from a store I have a gift card plus coupon should be under $10 for all 3 girls shoes
parents bought socks and shirts for the first day again a big savings
I had most of the oldest stuff needed for her special bag/medical bag but needed to buy bendryl and the special red bag which I found for a $1 at good will and she still going to use a lunchbag I had here at the house

I am almost done with everything but a few more items like a skirt / capris one pair each and underwear

my budget was $100