Garage sale finds

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Garage sale finds
Sat, 06-05-2010 - 1:16pm

Have you gone to any garage sales this week?

I went out this morning. I


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Sun, 06-06-2010 - 12:27am

I ventured out this morning also. I havnt gone in months. I wasn't looking for anything particular either.

I found a pair of jeans for myself. (Hopefully they will fit!)- $2

A pair of jeans for my son.- .75

A summer outfit for my youngest son.- $1

A plastic pitcher.(It looks pretty new!)- .25

A dvd for my husband.- $1

A small board book for my son.- .10

All in all a good day!

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Sun, 06-06-2010 - 8:21pm

I haven't been all season, but there was a seasonal neighborhood yardsale that is one of the richest ones in our town, and that one was AWESOME!

I got:

-A huge life-sized castle made out of mega blocks $6 (I can re-sell this at OUAC for easily 20+)

-a smart shopper fruit stand ($10)

-a large collection of zoobooks ($1.00)

-A pottery barn bean bag ($5.00)

- a mini three wheel scooter, perfect size for my DS ($5.00)

-Tons of books (about 20+), hard-back, some brand new, some with the sounds, some popular picture books for $7.00

-a beautiful antique looking globe for $3.00 (with updated countries)

-two large decorative pictures (beautiful paintings on them!) for $2.50 a piece (The frames along are worth more!)

I wish I had more room in my car. I found other things that would have been a good buy but no room to get them home :(


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Sun, 06-06-2010 - 8:27pm

we had a rainy/thunderstorms

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Wed, 06-09-2010 - 3:59pm
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Wed, 06-09-2010 - 9:35pm
I haven't been to a garage sale in FOREVER, but I did get one goodie at our town's rummage sale.
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Fri, 06-11-2010 - 4:48pm

We had an awesome yard sale at school.

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Fri, 06-11-2010 - 5:15pm
No, I don't go to yard sales much. People mostly only have them on Saturdays here which for me means swimming, birthday parties, soccer etc.