Garage/Yard Sales

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Garage/Yard Sales
Wed, 07-30-2003 - 3:37pm
Any tips on how to price/organize things for garage/yard sales? This is a huge sale, over 50 houses in our developement who all do the yard sale the same day - awesome turnout. We just moved in though, so this will be our first year participating. How do you price kids toys that are in excellent shape (can you just calculate X amount of the sales price?)? I also have toddler/baby clothing I was going to sort into sizes, then just box according to size and price X amount per piece - is that best? Do lots go well at yard sales? Like a zip lock bags of socks all the same size, bibs, burp clothes, diaper covers, etc.? The rest is mainly household stuff we decided we don't really need - how do you price these? Any other tips? Thanks, Michele
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Fri, 08-01-2003 - 3:05pm
I've never had a garage sale myself, but I've shopped at quite a few. So I'll add my opinions anyhow. :)

For the clothes with "x" amount per piece, that sounds good as long as the price is low enough to get people to rummage through it. I know I don't bother going through boxes of stuff unless it's super cheap. Some people are better bargain shoppers than I am. The clothes that *I* am most likely to look through are folded or laid out flat on a table in neat piles. So you can just glance at it to see if it's something you want, or at least see the general quality of things being sold. Personally, I'd never pay more than $2 for baby/children's clothes at a garage sale.

I'd be tempted by a baggie of bibs or socks as long as they were organized so I was able to open the bag and see what was in it. Another way would be to clip them together with clothespins. Another option rather than the big bag is to put them in a box labeled 5/$1 or something.

I'm not sure how to price toys. It kinda depends on your area. Some people will pay half the cost of new for toys, and some won't pay more than a couple bucks no matter what it is.

For household stuff, I'd price them pretty cheap. I don't usually buy anything like that at garage sales. I'd be paranoid that there is something wrong with it. Some people have an extension cord available so that anyone who is interested in buying an appliance can plug it in to see if it works.

I think the best thing you can do is to have it neat, organized, and everything clearly labeled.

Good luck!

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Fri, 08-01-2003 - 9:45pm
I have been to so many G-sales where there are many boxes of clothes and I never see anyone bend down and sift through this jumble!

I have good luck selling good used clothes by hanging everything on hangers and hanging them on a makshift clothesline! The clothes were at shoulder-level, easy to sort through and everything was clean and unstained. I had big signes stating the sizes. Cute little girl dresses got $2.00-$4.00. Everything else was only 50 cents each but I did want to get rid of it!