Having my first yard sale!

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Having my first yard sale!
Sat, 10-31-2009 - 10:22pm

I made the decision today (you're welcome DH) that we will be having our first yard sale in 2 weeks! I will be happy to have the money, but mostly I will be relieved to get al the crap out of the house.

I am going to try to purposely own less "stuff." Anyone who has experience with the simplfication approach, I would welcome your advice on fighting the consumer society.

We have sooo much to sell. I think our yard will look like Sanford and Son. I'll update when the day is done.


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Mon, 11-02-2009 - 2:30am

Good luck on the yard sale. When I have them, I am usually at the point of just wanting to get rid of the stuff so I make my prices really cheap and then what does not sell goes to the thift stores. Most

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Mon, 11-09-2009 - 2:15pm
hello!! i love having yard sales-ive done 4 in my lifetime. the last one was this past summer and it was the most successful. we ended up making about $300 between me, my best friend and her 2 sons. houseware items, video games, dvds and toys sold about the best. clothes didnt really sell much which surprised me...but anyway, price everything really really cheap. or put a price on it and then slide on the prices. people love to haggle and when they get something for less than yo have marked on it-they double love it. lol
im a packrat but i have made a lot of strides in the past few years. especially in the past year and a half-i live in a pretty small house so i cant "collect" like i used to. i do have an attic which is dangerous for me-lol-but i dont have that much stuff up there-not like i used to. what you have to do is simplify and clean-and then make sure when you get new stuff, you throw out the old. make it like a cycle-in with the new, out with the old...i go through my girls clothes once to twice a year and do the same with mine. i try not to keep too many of their school papers. if something gets stained or ripped, into the garbage it goes. if a toy is broke, it goes into the garbage. i went through their room before the last garage sale and got rid of a TON. now im trying to keep it that way. when birthdays or christmas rolls around, ask for something that you need and will use as opposed to something that will sit around and collect dust. i told my mom to buy sheet sets for my girls this xmas as opposed to toys. they have enough toys-we dont need any more. while they do have sheet sets, they could use a couple more. good luck with your yard sale and with keeping your "junk level" down!! take caRE!!