Hi, I'm new. Delurking...

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Hi, I'm new. Delurking...
Wed, 04-16-2003 - 5:39pm
I'm still trying to figure out how all of this works. This week is my last week at work, so I'm trying to find ways to save money. I'm going to try to avoid doing too much at once, but here are my thoughts so far:

~First of all, I'm going to start one of those "price books", but I refuse to shop at more than 3 stores (especially considering two of the ones I'm going to shop at aren't in my town).

~I'm going to start shopping at Aldi. I already shop at Super Wal-Mart (who doesn't?), but we're going to get a membership to Sam's Club too, to try it out. I'm also going to start being more resourceful w/food. We have TONS of stuff, I need to figure out what to make with it. =) And no more throwing out leftovers. Hopefully I can use the extra shopping money to buy meat, etc in bulk (we'll need a deep freeze). I plan on making all of our bread from scratch. I like making bread, I just hope I have time!

~DH is going to put up a clothesline. I do 6-7 loads of laundry per week, and each load takes 2-3 cycles to dry. I'm hoping to save money on my power bill.

~Also going to try out cloth diapers, but so far I'm completely lost. I want to make my own, but I don't understand enough about them to determine which kind I should go with.

~Planting a garden one last time, to see if I actually keep it watered and weeded. =) I'd like to can some, freeze some, and use some to make baby food.

Hmm...that's all I can think of for now. Does it sound like an ok start?

Leslie (26)

DH Mike (27 next week!), DD Taylor 4, DD Rachel 9 wks, in Iowa

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Wed, 04-16-2003 - 6:10pm
Those are great ideas! I have saved the most money on groceries and by switching to cloth diapers. My only suggestions there are that you probably don't need to join Sams...we belong to Costco (pretty much the same), and I'm not going to renew our membership. Not much there is cheaper than you could find it at the grocery store on a good sale, especially when you factor in the membership cost. Plus, whenever we go, I end up buying a bunch of stuff I don't need. Too much temptation for me! LOL! If there's something there I really need, I just ask a friend to pick it up for me. As far as the diapers, check out the cloth diapering board here. No matter how you decide to do them, you'll save money. Some ways are more economical than others. People are always selling them on the flea market board also, so you can try out different types to see what you like, before investing a lot of money. I personally like to use CPF's (chinese prefolds) with either Bummis super whisper wraps, prorap side snaps, or alexis featherlite covers. All of those can be ordered online. If you want to make your own diapers, check out www.onestopdiapershop.com for info. HTH!


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Wed, 04-16-2003 - 7:59pm
HI and welcome to the board. I've been cloth diapering DS 3/13/03 since we brought him home from the hospital. And we only use disposables if we are out of the house for a long period of time and he needs to be changed. So far CD is cheaper than buying disposables.

I use CPF with a Snappi (much better than pins!!) and wraps. And much easier for me than i thought (I like it better than disposies too!) The diapaering board has wonderful info on CD, and if your going to make your own a link for instructions is http://www.diapersewing.com there are several wonderful tips on making diffrent style diapers there. Have yet to make my own, but like the idea of the fitted with velcro as we were given a few of those which we use as well.

Welcome again to the board and there are tons of tips that you'll find here plus wonderful ladies to help and share with you!
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Thu, 04-24-2003 - 3:52pm
Hi Leslie! Those are great ideas! I was just wondering about your dryer when you said that it takes 2-3 cycles to get the clothes dry. Have you checked your exhaust pipe for lint? It is easy to do it yourself -- just pull it off the back of the dryer (or unscrew it or whatever) and clean it with a shop vac, and don't forget the outer hole where it vents to the outside, too. It might increase efficiency quite a bit. Clogged exhaust pipes are a fire hazard, so it might be a good idea to check this regularly anyway.

Hope you have fun growing veggies -- my 2 year-old and I are trying to do that, too, but the

Colorado spring has had its usual unpredictable weather.


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Thu, 04-24-2003 - 5:39pm
Hi! Sounds good to me. Aldi's is a great store, we go there quite a bit. I wish I had known about it years ago! :)
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Sat, 04-26-2003 - 4:12pm
Hi! Nice to have you join us. Actually, I haven't posted in a long time, but I've been coming here for about 4 years.

All your ideas sound good. Be careful about Sam's...I see lots of people in there NOT saving money because they ended up buying cases of soda and stuff they would never otherwise buy. I never found I could save enough to justify the membership fee. I consider myself very frugal and we have never belonged to a club store. Occasionally, I tag along with a friend to pick up a few things, though. I generally feed my family of 7 to 8 (mil eats here some of the time) for under $200 a month. I make almost everything from scratch.

I've been cloth diapering for ten years now (5 kids) and it has saved me tons of money. We even take them with us on short trips...they can be rinsed out and carried home. I recently made my own cloth diapers out of old receiving blankets and I am very pleased with them. Cloth diapering is what I'm used to, plus that gel in disposable diapers grosses me out.

My dh was laid off last month and I am on a campaign to be even more frugal than normal. (Not sure it's possible though!) We are determined to live off of unemployment because we don't want to have to touch our savings. (We long since paid off our mortgage by being frugal.)

Good luck and have fun!! Saving money is one of my favorite hobbies and can be so thrilling.


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Mon, 04-28-2003 - 4:02pm
Wow Laura! I am impressed that you paid off your mortgage early even with kids! I do remember you posting in the past and I remember your posts as always being interesting!

So sorry about the unemployment and I sure hope it doesn't last too long. Louanne

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Tue, 04-29-2003 - 10:08am
Hi Joanne,

Thanks for the compliment! How nice to be noticed.

It took ten years to pay off our mortgage (we married young), but it was worth all the things we gave up in order to do it. We didn't have cable tv or fancy cars or new clothes or any of those things most people around us did. We rarely ate out. For fun, we would go for drives and have picnics. People made fun of us. We made double and triple payments each month so that we could get the principal down as quickly as possible. (Dh makes a good salary as an engineer, but we have always lived on one salary, so our household income isn't huge.)ANY extra money we had (a bonus, a tax refund, etc.) went into the mortgage payment. Interest rates were a lot higher when we first bought a house (12 percent or so), so it was really costing us to borrow money.

It is so nice not to have that monthly payment hanging over our heads now that dh is out of work!

Our next big financial goal is to get dh retired. He only needs to work for another 5 or 6 years and then he can probably quit. We plan to live frugally and spend our days enjoying each other, pursuing frugal hobbies, and having FUN together.



People don't make fun of us anymore!