How are your holiday preparations going?

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How are your holiday preparations going?
Sun, 12-06-2009 - 10:41am

(Checking in from my mom's. Should be getting mine back tomorrow if I'm not subbing.)

Just wondering how everyone is doing with the holiday preparations?

I'm doing ok here. I'm done w/the shopping for my own kids but need to pick up something more for dh. I also need to buy something more for my mom and 2 kid gifts for the IL's gift exchange. I hope to start wrapping this coming week. We have all the decorations up w/the exception of our tree; that will most likely get done this week in bits & pieces. I need to get started on some baking, but coming up w/a baking list 1st would be helpful, lol!

Hope everyone is making progress or, better yet, is finished and just enjoying the season!



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Sun, 12-06-2009 - 10:58am

With the exception of stocking stuffers which I have none I am just about done with presents I have one more actual present to buy and a few gifts cards. I may go hit the Dollar Store, Big Lots and Dollar General to look at look for stocking stuffers today.

The indoor decorating has been done. Every since my oldest DD went off to college we have always done that Thanksgiving weekend so our college student would be here (we have had at least one in college since 2001) Pretty much nothing done outside. That is DH's domain, some years he does it and some years he doesn't. It's really up to him .

I was having a lot of trouble finding Christmas cards that I like this year but finally found some yesterday. I will probably get started on them this week.

The one thing that I probably won't get done in time for Christmas is DD1 boyfriend's stocking. I have cross stitched stockings for my family and want to add one for him (in the mean time he has a felt one). I found a kit last weekend for one but have not even started on it. I think that even if I had started on it the day I bought it it would have been pretty hard to get it finished in time for Christmas so it is kind of on the back burner I am not going to stress out trying to get it done this year and will have plenty of time for next year.

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Sun, 12-06-2009 - 2:12pm

we hadnt bought anything because we were waiting for a check to come in.

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Sun, 12-06-2009 - 2:43pm
Everyone I am buying a gift for is bought already.


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Sun, 12-06-2009 - 5:59pm

My shopping is done as is DH's.

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Sun, 12-06-2009 - 6:09pm

Well here I go ;)

Johnathon's Birthday and Christmas are taken care of, and I have the frames for the extended family, just need to decorate them. Christmas Cards are done, and Birthday Invites are also done, just need to be mailed out. Again, Frames need to be mailed out too.

Christmas tree is up, and not decorated yet. I am going to decorate tonight with DH, so after dinner we will break out the decorations. I have been putting out some decorations all day. Johnathon is so excited that christmas is soon, he must have the Christmas Tree on anytime we are home.

I have an idea of what I am getting DH, just waiting for the money to get it. Probably in 2 weeks, but it is a going to be great!

So that is my Holiday in a nutshell.

I am waiting to really get in the Christmas Spirit until after the 12th. I have a major project due on the 12th and ends my horrible semester!

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Sun, 12-06-2009 - 10:01pm

Uhm...well...I suppose I should get started huh!? No decorations yet, maybe the tree will go up this coming weekend - depends on if we are in the mood to tackle it. No gifts bought really (a couple of small things). I have ideas, just haven't done anything about it yet! No big plans for the holiday, we never do...will just spend it at home. No big meals either. No baking either.

We also have Hanukkah coming next week. I have the presents for that. I already have the candles for the menorah (I buy them on clearance at the end of the holiday every year), and I have the chocolate gelt. I will probably not bother


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Mon, 12-07-2009 - 10:05am

Our decorations are all up and have been since the day after Thanksgiving.

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Mon, 12-07-2009 - 10:24am

We're done.

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Mon, 12-07-2009 - 2:56pm

Very close to done with



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Tue, 12-08-2009 - 11:17pm

I think my hat may have saved christmas in our family!