I love Freecycle!

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I love Freecycle!
Tue, 04-12-2011 - 9:37am

It's been a great resource in my quest to get stuff out of my house! I always just been one doing the *offers*; I've never actually looked for anything for my family to *take*.

Here's what I've offered and have been taken since the middle of March.......

  • 2 24" boys bikes that my boys have outgrown
  • a pair of rarely-worn women's Keds flip-flops
  • 4 boys polo shirts
  • 2 prs. of boys swim trunks
  • 5 boys t-shirts
  • 12 exercise vhs tapes
  • 2 prs. of boys dress pants
  • 2 white boys dress shirts
  • 5
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Tue, 04-12-2011 - 12:28pm

I don't use freecycle.

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Tue, 04-12-2011 - 1:58pm
our freecycle is really active, but way, way over managed. Most people have to have their messages approved, even after being on a list for a long, long time. If the subject isn't in the right format exactly, they will deny it. It's crazy. I'm one of the few lucky ones, my messages don't have to be approved. That's probably because I used to know one of the moderators and she fixed it for me and no one ever went back and un did it. I think there are about 3 people that can post freely. Otherwise, all the other posts have to wait for approval. Then, they come thru in huge chunks all at once. The moderator recently had a death in the family (I think his mother) and has been tied up with that. Freecycle is a much lower priority that dealing with that death, so all those messages sat for days and days. Then, we got like 50 messages approved at a time. Overwhelming. But he won't just fix it so messages go straight thru and won't approve any other moderators....

I both give and receive on the list. Signing up was super easy. Mostly, though, I get free stuff (I got a working washer and dryer most recently). If I have free stuff to give away, I use craigslist. It's usually faster and more reliable. Seems like using freecycle, people take forever to show up, or don't show up at all.
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Tue, 04-12-2011 - 9:25pm
I gave away a bunch of outgrown girls clothing and winter coats in Feb but still have not found anything of interest that my family needs at the moment but do check daily