March Goals

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March Goals
Sun, 02-28-2010 - 12:37pm

What do you hope to accomplish in March?

This is what I will be working on......

1. Control the amount I spend on household items.

2. Declutter. This month I want to work on our computer room--way too many stacks of papers. I also want to go through my music cds. I'm getting rid of these after ripping the tracks I want to my computer. (They'll be donated to our library for their annual book sale fundraiser.) When my kids are on spring break, we will also be working on their closet.

3. Make those darn appts. that I never made in Feb.

4. Make camping reservations for some trips in June & July.

5. Do some fun things over spring break. (Other than cleaning the above-mentioned closet, LOL!) We have so many free places in this area. I hope to hit the Zoo and the Science Center. I'd also like to camp, but that depends on the weather and will be a last minute thing.



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Sun, 02-28-2010 - 2:02pm

1. Work out at least 15.5 hours on the Wii for the month (an average of 30 minutes a day).

2. Have one carb-free dinner per week. (I just need some recipees b'cuz right now the only thing I can think of is corned beef and cabbage, lol. I love having a carb - potato/rice/noodles with my meat and veggie at dinner.)

3. Continue to take Alexis for a walk on each day it is above 35* and there is no precipitation. Hopefully we start to have more of these - and hopefully someday it will be warm enough that I can take her to the zoo. We have an annual membership, and I can't wait to make our first visit :)

4. Keep March's big 3 budget (food, household, and eating out) under control.

5. Finish cleaning out my sister's room and the spare bedroom.

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Sun, 02-28-2010 - 3:11pm

Here's my March Goals

1. Cut the Household budget to $180 a week, with $40-$60 being set aside in cash for emergencies or additional costs. (This may seem drastic, but I am getting ready for the worse case scenerio, because I will not have a job in September with my current school).

2. All additional money leftover each week from household budget and gas budget will be placed into the savings account.

3. Pay 6 months worth of car insurance from tax return, and then bank remainder of

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Sun, 02-28-2010 - 3:37pm


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Sun, 02-28-2010 - 4:00pm

my march goals are a big allergy free food stock up (it has been awhile) for the oldest dd

2.Have dh commit to getting the tax stuff gather and done this month no more I will later

3. reorganize the monthly bills into cheaper monthly payments go to at leasy 2 mom's club events with younger dd (should be easy since I am planning the spring party) and try Zumba with the moms day out


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Sun, 02-28-2010 - 4:21pm

1. Organize the "office" area

2. set aside time for sewing and crocheting

3. make more meals from scratch/less processed foods


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Sun, 02-28-2010 - 10:08pm

Get to the gym 3 times a week.

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Sun, 02-28-2010 - 11:35pm

Wow, Kelly

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Is there anyway you could get away wit "starting over" with the checkbook balancing? KWIM?

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Mon, 03-01-2010 - 3:29am

1. Find DF a new job. Pretty positive he is getting laid off in the morning so this needs to be done ASAP. Were aware of how the job market is so were kinda scared right now since im a SAHM. we have a little over a months worth of expenses in savings right now, we were working on the Efund but things like this always seems to deplete it right as you get rolling lol.

2. 30 day shred starting tomorrow and lose these 5 lbs i just gained back plus another 8 would be nice.

3.Spring cleaning, since DF will be home more I want this place spotless and decluttered by april! heft goal

4. Improve on not eating out and cutting out sodas.

5. Im leaving #5 blank because by mid month I may have added a new goal. DF does have a possibilty of getting a job he interviewed for and has to do some testing for on tuesday so if he gets it theres a goal i will definitely be adding.


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