mid month goal check in

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mid month goal check in
Thu, 08-16-2012 - 2:51pm
how is everyone doing on goals

back to school stuff is almost done still need to print all the papers and need to get a few more things ready
went to the bantam jeep festival and have done some free activities with all the coupons I have still have more to do
Sunday is the amusement park


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Fri, 08-17-2012 - 8:48am

-have master bedroom painted, switch out a light fixture, buy and hang blinds/curtains/, consult nusery about monarch garden, clean out garden, closet organizer hung, entire house moved in bit by bit and organize as we go-no living in chaos! Send out change of addres cards, research and reinstate some form of tv service, new licenses

Research SC restaurants for vacation-wanting amazing food, not chains or same old stuff-started, but needs more work

Book and pay for as many trips ahead of time as possible for vacation- Bought tickets for the Hunley tour and Fort Sumter, hotel paid for and the 3 day camp (includes food ) is paid for   

Start planning TX vacation- decide on length of stay, check with pet sitter, decide on activities-activities decided, dates picked, waiting to hear back from pet sitter before booking anything

Start holiday shopping-yes bought DS's Big Lego set, yearly ornament, and Itune gift cards,

Set up school schedule-done

Decide on and pay for extra curriculars-swim, science oympiad, game club, book club, archeololgy of Mesopotamia class and logic class all paid for--still have to do volleyball when non resident registration opens