The most touching thing just happened...

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The most touching thing just happened...
Wed, 10-29-2003 - 1:48pm
Background: My husband was notified at the end of Sept. that he was being laid off. The whole month of Oct. has been so stressful because of just moving to this area in June(away from family) and buying a house(using most of our savings), and we live kind of in the middle of nowhere. There was a slim to zero chance of him finding another IT job in this area. Anyway, his job is back on and he has been working for a week now.

Well, the counselor from my kids' elementary school just called me and told me that she had heard about our situation. The school does a food drive for the month of Nov. and then distributes food baskets to needy families. She asked me if we would like one. I was so touched that I almost started to cry! It has been so hard here away from our family, and really it would be so hard to ask for help, I was so grateful for the offer. I thanked her and told her how appreciative(sp) I was for the offer and she said that they consider everyone in the school family and they take care of their own. I let her know that my DH is back at work and that things are getting back on track, and to please send the basket to a family in need. I will definately be giving more to the food drives this year. Anyway, just wanted to share.


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Wed, 10-29-2003 - 2:45pm
It's so nice to know that others really do care :)

Our school has a similar program, with food and clothing for the children - that "family" feeling is present in our school community as well, makes me very glad to live here...

Wonderful to hear that the situation is improving for your family.


(who also will remember to send in some xtra items this year...)


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Wed, 10-29-2003 - 3:08pm
Oh, Heather! Sounds like you moved to a wonderful place, even if it is far from family. As time goes on, this seems like the sort of place that will really become "home" for you.

What a heartwarming story.

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Wed, 10-29-2003 - 3:32pm
Thanks for sharing. So glad that things are looking up for all of you. And it sounds like you have found a caring community.


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Wed, 10-29-2003 - 4:40pm
That is so thoughtfull. Doesn't it just fill you with such good feelings to think that others were thinking of you.

I understand how it made you feel. When ds was 6 months and dd was 4 yo, I had to have emergency surgery 3 days before christmas and would be off work for 7 weeks. My babysitter at the time got the local Kmart to donate a huge box of food and clothes for my kids. She told me about it the day before my surgery. I just sat there and cried thinking how great that was of her.


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Sat, 11-01-2003 - 8:59am
That is so wonderful Heather. It shows you how caring and wonderful people can be, especially to newcomers also.