My DH is going to drive me NUTS! *m*

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My DH is going to drive me NUTS! *m*
Sat, 09-27-2003 - 1:57pm
He could care less about being frugal. I try to being frugal because I want to be home w/ my two sons. Here is the thing: a few weeks after I had DS#1 Dh bought me TONS of lingerie items off e bay. He would say, "oh it only cost blah blah blah. It annoyed me because I don't care for this stuff. A few items is fine BUT I have an entire wardrobe of it!!!! MOST of it just collects dust. Here we are two years later, birth of another baby and he is doing it AGAIN!!! I told him I don't want it, he is doing it for himself. Isn't this SELFISH of him? Afterall, our newborn is only three weeks old! It is the BIGGEST waste of $$$$$$$$ but he does NOT listen to me. Would you be offended? What would you do?? Should I start burning them??????
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Sat, 09-27-2003 - 4:09pm
I'm sure he's just trying to make you feel sexy since right after a baby we can be really down on our bodies. I wouldnt' take ofense but i would sit him down and try to explain to him the money would be better spent on baby and you already have a closet full of the stuff. luckily dh hasnt' tried to by me all kind of tuff since alex was born cuz i'd beat him LOL, but he knows me well enough to know i'd much rather buy baby stuff with the money

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Sat, 09-27-2003 - 6:22pm
I agree with Chelle. It sounds like he is trying to make you feel sexy after having a baby. It's sweet that he is thinking of making you feel better, if that's the case. You should probably just tell him that you really appreciate it, let him buy you 1 thing, and then say that's it. You don't think any more money should be spent. Just an idea.


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Sat, 09-27-2003 - 7:39pm
First off, congratulations on your new baby!

What does dh say when you ask him not to buy any more lingerie? What does he say is his reason for buying so much? I'm agreeing with the others, he seems to be trying to let you know he still sees you as sexy, and trying to make you feel like a woman, as well as a mommmy. But talking to him nonconfrontationally is probably the best way to get to the root of all this, and convince him too much is really not necessary, just one or two articles speaks volumes & means so much to you..... etc.

Can you resell all the stuff on ebay?

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Sat, 09-27-2003 - 7:42pm
Unless he's gonna wear them, sell them again on ebay. Are these used? That might but a damper on it for me, but come on, your newborn is only 3 weeks old.

Have you talked to him about how you don't are for the stuff and aren't gonna wear all of them and that he should stop or you're just going to re-sell them on ebay when he buys them.

I would do that or that them to a consignment shop or something for $$.

I know it's hard when DHs are so not on board with the frugal living. You just have to keep telling him how much in groceries, credit card debt, your kids college tution that money he blew would buy.

Hugs and good luck,


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Sat, 09-27-2003 - 9:09pm
I'd be ticked too! My Dh did this when we were first married. I finally told him point blank that I didn't want anymore and if I did we could buy it together. I think your Dh finds you sexy so he wants to see you in them HOWEVER we all know it's a bit selfish too ~ like they don't get something out of seeing it on KWIM!? Not to mention w/ small children who has time for SEVERAL nighties LOL ~ Just tell him that you don't WANT anymore of these outfits and that you won't wear them even if he does buy them..maybe that'll put a stop to it. GOOD LUCK! Joy