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Mon, 08-25-2003 - 3:30pm
THANKS SO MUCH IN ADVANCE. Okay...yesterday I bought up a bunch of ground pre-cook and freeze in 2 cup portions. I learned this on this awesome board a year ago....anyway. I think I tried to cook too much at once.....because after I turned the pot off when I thought it was browned it really wasn't all the way through. So I had already let is sit out for about 20-30 min. to cool when I discovered that the meat had some pink meat mixed in it. SO I turned the burner back on REMEMBER THIS WAS AFTER ALREADY COOLING IT ONCE) and cooked it about 15 min. more. Then I let it cool for about 15 min. and just put the pot in the fridge until today because I was running out of time last night. Well I started to package it up today and noticed more pink meat....this time I just packaged it up instead of cooking it for a 3rd time.... THINKING THAT WHEN I ACTUALLY USE IT FOR TACOS OR SPAGHETTI OR SOMETHING CALLING FOR GROUND BEEF IT WILL ACTUALLY FINISH COOKING THEN. Is that okay??????...or am I going to give us all food poison???? I worry about the whole ecoli thing and I let it cool then put it back on to cook....then put it in the fridge over night before packaging it up today. Please advise before I use some tonight for a sauce. I HOPE IT WILL ALL BE FINE.


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Mon, 08-25-2003 - 4:35pm
I think your ground beef should be fine. It didn't stay out to cool very long. Just remember to label the packages so that you don't forget to cook it longer when you use it so that it is done all the way. I would use this meat.
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Mon, 08-25-2003 - 11:09pm
I'd use it too. Just write a reminder on the package to be sure and heat it thoroughly when you go to use it. Which shouldn't be a problem if you're makng things like spaghetti sauce or tacos, where you'd heat and simmer the meat.

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