New here...

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New here...
Mon, 01-25-2010 - 3:24pm

Hi everybody,

I've been lurking on your board for

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baby development

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Mon, 01-25-2010 - 8:15pm

Hi Kelly!

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Mon, 01-25-2010 - 9:46pm

Welcome to the board, from one Kelly to another! Practically neighbors too as I'm in MO (metro St. Louis area).

Congratulations on paying off both the car & your cc! That's definitely a step in the right direction, imho.

A couple of suggestions......

1--Read some frugal/budget/money books for inspiration. Dave Ramsey is one of my favorite authors but there are others out there too. Let me know if you'd like any specific titles. (Mmmmm, might be a good QOTW!)

2--For a month or 2, track every penny you spend. You might find a *money leak* that you're unaware of. That might give you the motivation to control yourself in that area. Just gave this same advice to 23yo dd about her *fast food addiction*. I went so far as to tell her to keep a running total posted on her dashboard to help her bypass the drive-thrus.

3--Pick one or 2 areas to concentrate on. Get good at those things, so that they become habits. Then move on to something else. (The grocery budget is a good one where you can see quick results.)

I'm sure you'll find some great ideas here so stick around!


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Tue, 01-26-2010 - 5:08pm
Hi, from Annette,a fellow frozen Iowan.




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Thu, 01-28-2010 - 5:15pm


I tend to resort to fast food/eating out when I don't plan well....meal planning and having a few really quick easy to make meals for those nights with little time's not always the healthiest choices, but they are healthier (for the waist and the wallet) than drive thru stuff

if we are running really short on time...scrambled eggs, toast and fruit takes less than 15 minutes...or bean burritos using canned refried beans, etc


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Fri, 01-29-2010 - 12:12pm


For me it was essential to sit down and learn the difference between what I need and what I want.

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Sat, 01-30-2010 - 11:15am

Hi and welcome.