planning a summer vacation.

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planning a summer vacation.
Tue, 12-01-2009 - 2:32pm

This year we are going to take all the kids to florida as a family,last time I went I only took two kids even w/o DH( long story). Anyways this time we are taking all the kids but be hare going to try to do it as cheap and as fun as possible. here's our starting ideas

-camp at wikiwa springs,@20 per night vrs cheapest 2 rooms @ 60 per night

-Drive cost $200 in gas vrs atleast $700 flight

-only go to universal studios 2 parks @ $99 pp vrs 5 park pass @ 199pp

-Plan on beach days for 1/2 the trip

-make the childern earn spending money for the trip, allowences, and birthday gifts.

- eat all you can eat in the morings on days we go to the beach( they have places for $2-4 no joke) eat dinners out on park days all you can eat ($5-7). Lots of meals at camp

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Tue, 12-01-2009 - 4:05pm

have a back up for beach days in case its bad weather.

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Tue, 12-01-2009 - 6:01pm

Ameritel Inns are awesome. They have "appitzers" at like 4 pm. When we went to Disneyland we did this for a lot of dinners. Also they has a kitchen in the suite so we ate breakfast before we went to the park.

Thats all I have for ideas. Have a fun time planning!

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Tue, 12-01-2009 - 9:00pm
I don't know if they still do it.