QOTW......Living with or without........

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QOTW......Living with or without........
Thu, 05-20-2010 - 1:04pm


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Fri, 05-21-2010 - 6:41am
I live without health insurance.


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Fri, 05-21-2010 - 8:53am

We are fortunate to have healthcare, though this year the employee contribution increase will more than eat up the raise my DH got last month.

We also have bundled cable/landline/internet.

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Fri, 05-21-2010 - 9:41am

Haven't given up our landline either but then we still have important people calling it although most of our older relatives have now passed.

But we are living without decent furniture - at least our seating. And I desperately need a new mattress but we can't afford that either.

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Fri, 05-21-2010 - 9:51am
I haven't had a landline in years.
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Fri, 05-21-2010 - 2:30pm
hello!! yep-we're living without a lot of these things. i do have cable-but i dont have that many bells and whistles like i used to. we do buy more prepared foods too, but we do a lot of cooking here at home too. we eat out at a sit down place maybe once a month or once every 2 months. but when we go to our favorite resteraunt-i have a calendar full of coupons. and we only go when we have extra money...which we arent going to have for awhile. i do still have my privacy, but my mom might be moving in soon. but its not so much for her to help with the bills-its because of her living situation with my dad(long story). i have given up the comfort though-my thermomstat was down last winter...and i refuse to use my central a/c this summer. and the clutter too. i have about 6 boxes of stuff in my basement that im selling at a garage sale this summer. i did it last year...im doing it again. i dont need it, i dont use it, i can get money for it-im on it!! LOL i dont mind leading a simpler life-its more frugal, its less stress and where ever you can save money...go for it!!
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Fri, 05-21-2010 - 9:26pm

we've given up the landline, cable/satellite tv, and have been working on reducing processed foods and cooking more from scratch

still have clutter, clutter and more clutter


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Sat, 05-22-2010 - 12:06am

We still have a landline,basic cable and internet. I did give up my DVR. that hurt. LOL!

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Sat, 05-22-2010 - 6:37am

I think that I would let most everything else go before I would lose healthcare/insurance.

Still have the landline, but if we dropped it, we could save $35/month.

Still have directv although we are looking at dropping it and using hulu and netflix- that would save us $60/month!

Still have newspaper but if we dropped it, we could save $15/month.

Still have the clutter though...

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Sat, 05-22-2010 - 12:58pm

We are choosing to go without health insurance, instead we will put the money into a savings account each month.

We have also given up cable. We don't eat out, either.


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Mon, 05-24-2010 - 7:41am

We still have healthcare...and are paying COBRA rates to keep it right now. (Thank God for the government subsidy though...we're only paying 35% of the rates, and it's still a struggle.)