What will be in your garden this year?

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What will be in your garden this year?
Sat, 02-20-2010 - 9:27pm

We had our first garden last year. It was . . . okay. We really had NO idea what we were doing so on Memorial Day, we planted our squash, zucchini, carrots, lettuce, and green onions. Well, we had a tree cut down (which of course fell onto the garden) the next day, moving our seeds around. So it was really a hot mess. We had an abundance of lettuce for several weeks; sufficient squash and zucchini; more green onions than I could use in a decade much less before they went bad; and quite possibly the worst looking carrots I've ever seen.

Needless to say, I'm hopeful that this year will be better. I'm trying to do some research on what we should grow (based on our level of "experience" as well as our space and our dedication to the garden). Does anyone have thoughts - either based on experience or maybe a good link?



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Tue, 03-09-2010 - 9:17am
My mother was a wonderful gardener - unfortunately I did not inherit that ability from her. Plus I work full-time. But I may grow some tomatos this year, especially since I've heard that the Florida crop was badly damaged from the cold this year. However we do have great local tomatos in the summer too.
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Tue, 03-09-2010 - 8:38am

Just starting to think about it now...we will definitely do potatoes again this year. They take up a lot of room, but nothing tastes like a freshy dug up potato (well, washed off and cooked of course, lol)! Tomatoes and peppers are always a must. I'm sure we will do some lettuce, usually spring mix stuff. I want to do sweet peas again, but we need to plant about 3x as many seeds as we did last year!

We did fairly well with butternut squash, got about a half dozen of them off of only one plant - that was enough for us to use (I still have 2 small ones in my pantry).

Not sure about zucchini and cucumbers, the year before last everything succumbed to a terrible blight - it was a mess!

I also do lots of herbs in pots on the backstairs by my kitchen - I love that!


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Fri, 03-05-2010 - 6:15pm

We've never had a tremendously successful garden, tho' we've learned several lessons in the process! One thing I read that was helpful to us last time we gardened was not to plant everything all at once unless you plan on preserving the food you grow. Otherwise, all of the food grows at once, and you can't eat it fast enough. So, for instance, if you wanted to grow lettuce, plant a few seeds one week, a few more seeds 2-3 weeks later, and the last seeds another 2-3 weeks later. That way you have a continual supply of lettuce without getting too much at once, plus your harvest time will last for a longer period of time.

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Fri, 03-05-2010 - 12:49pm

Last year we had tomatoes (got a ton and froze many), green beans, peppers and carrots. We also planted peas but only 1 plant in several rows ever came up then died off soon after, so I think we got bad seeds.

This year I'll need to plant zucchini as I'm almost out. I used to use it solely for bread, so I would shredd and freeze in food saver bags and get enough to last me a couple of years. Now though we are just as likely to use it as a veggie in stir fry, so we'll likely go through it faster. We'll also plant green beans and carrots as those are favorites with the kids. Tomatoes for sure, and I may skip the peppers since I discovered how cheap I could get them at the farmer's market and I never have gotten a bumper crop of peppers anyway. I do have one of those Topsy Turvy planter things, so maybe I'll put the pepper plant in there and see if it does any better.

We also have chives in the garden and are usually digging up the sprouts so it doesn't take over. Our garden is about 5 x 10, so not huge, and it has to be fenced to keep the rabbits out, otherwise I'd make it bigger.


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Wed, 03-03-2010 - 12:44pm

I have to have tomatoes! I'm going to start some heirloom seeds in a week or two, so hopefully they will be ready to plant after the last frost in May. I ordered some seeds from tomato bob, he has a 25 cent pkt seed special every month. So far I have pole beans, sugar peas, lettuce, radishes, cucumber and hot pepper seeds.

Good luck! Hopefully it will be a good growing season.

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Wed, 03-03-2010 - 12:13am

We are lucky that we live very rurally, and one of the previous tenants made a HUGE fenced-in garden area.

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Mon, 02-22-2010 - 8:19pm

google for co-operative extension service. Our local one is affliated with the state university.

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Sun, 02-21-2010 - 2:00pm

Let's see: Our first year..we had tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers, and zuchinni

We got a lot of tomatoes, very little green beans, some cucumbers, and not many zuchinni

We had a boxed in row.

Last summer, we dug into our yard a little and planted zuchinni and cucumbers

We did tomatoes, green peppers, banana peppers, and green beans too

I made the mistake of getting pole beans instead of bush beans and did not like the pole beans at all--too tough. We got tons of banana peppers and stuffed them and put them in stuff. We got a decent amount of green peppers. It wasn't a great year for tomatoes as most people got blight. We didn't but we didn't get as much as the last time we did them.

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Sun, 02-21-2010 - 12:26pm
I mostly do container gardening. This year, I'll be sticking w/things that have been successful in the past--grape/cherry tomatoes, maybe one regular tomato plant, green peppers. I may do one or 2 zucchini plants in the ground; I've had limited success w/those in containers. We'll see how I feel when it's actually time to plant things!

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Sun, 02-21-2010 - 10:56am

You should check out "Square Foot Gardening", by Mel Bartholemew; he has a preety good method for getting gardeners started.