What is your favorite frugal tip or strategy that you have learned from this board?

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What is your favorite frugal tip or strategy that you have learned from this board?
Wed, 10-20-2010 - 3:03pm

I have learned a lot from this board. My favorite strategy came from Kelly - busywith5 kids. She posted her food budget and noted that she separated her actual food money spent

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I think the best thing I learned was just to track my spending. When I first came to the board, I had no idea how much money I was spending on anything. Now I can tell you how much I spend on food, household, eating out, electric, gas, etc. It helps to know how much I'm spending so I can keep it under control and make adjustments as necessary.


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make a budget! No matter where you think your money is going, if you don't write it down, you probably don't know really know where your money is going. Just writing a budget has helped me keep an eye on what comes in and what goes out. It also helps me keep my eye on the prize. I've been doing with out so much for so long, I can't imagine not living frugally.

The other thing is that there are 2 ways to pay down debt, but either way, just pay it down, start now. Waiting to start just means it's gonna take longer to be finished. It feels good to live debt free!

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Definitely making a budget but also planning weekly menus. They make my life less stressful and I spend less money!

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i love hot coupon world i go to the data base find a coupon i want add it to my wish list and it tells me who has it how many and i'm able to trade or buy what i want.


from issues from autism to couponing


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Weekly menu planning has been a huge help, but I think my favorite tip was giving me a cash allowance vs. using a debit card.

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hello!! my favorite tip that i learned from this board was about the loss leaders. i never really knew that stores put the best deals on the front page hoping to get you in there and get your money. when we go grocery shopping, i always check out the front pages of the ads. we might actually go to 3 or 4 different stores due to the loss leaders but it helps us save money that way. take care!!
ps i wanted to add-another thing i do regularly is inventory what i have before i go shopping. i never used to do that-but its very helpful. then i know what i have here on hand vs. what i need to pick up. and when i dont do that, i make mistakes...like right now i have 7 loaves of bread in my house. granted its all frozen but i dont need 7 loaves of bread!! but i had 2 loaves in my downstairs fridge(that i forgot about) and then had 3 in my "regular" freezer...i forgot about those too-so i picked up 2 more loaves when i was at the store last saturday!! LOL