Carrot recipes needed

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Carrot recipes needed
Wed, 12-09-2009 - 2:38pm

I've been getting tons of jumbo carrots in my produce coop


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Wed, 12-09-2009 - 2:49pm
I know, I can't believe the size of them...I've never seen anything like it before! I have been using them when I make roasts, or putting them in soups, stews, casseroles (like shepherd's pie), pot pies, roasting them with a little olive oil and salt and pepper. You could also shred them and use them in salads and wraps. I'd think you could also slice and freeze them.

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Wed, 12-09-2009 - 2:58pm

I put my produce delivery service on hold for a while...I could not face another week of kale!! And I like kale!

Anyway, for carrots. I have a great side dish (warm) or lunch salad (cold) - vegetarian...vegan actually!

You will need a few leeks (2 large or 3 smaller), carrots, dill (fresh or dried), olive oil, s&p, a nice handful of white rice, lemon, and water.

Cut the green tops off of the leeks and slice the white part on the diagonal into chunks. Soak in cold water to get the dirt out. Change water and rinse leek as needed. Peel your carrot (one really big one is probably enough), and slice on the diagonal as well.


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Wed, 12-09-2009 - 8:13pm
Cook them, puree them and add them to chili, spaghetti sauce, chocolate muffins, brownies...anything that is dark enough to hide the orange color.




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Fri, 12-11-2009 - 8:48am

Glazed carrots: Sliced carrots cooked 'til just barely tender, with butter, orange juice and brown sugar melted together for glaze.

Grate finely and use in meatloaf, hamburgers, meatballs, carrot muffins, or carrot cake.

I'm not generally a fan of cooked carrots -- they end up tasting too mushy for me. I like the flavor, though, so I large-grate them to add them to soup; you end up with small pieces you can't really taste. I esp love it in potato soup and split pea soup.

Cook with potatoes when making mashed potatoes, then mash them together. Makes potatoes a bit sweeter.

Slice in thin strips to use in stir-fry.

Large grate them to add to coleslaw or stuffing (saute it in oil or butter before adding to stuffing).

I've never made it, but I've had a carrot/raisin salad that was really quite good, made with large-grated carrots. I'm guessing you could google a recipe. I think it had a sweet, mayo-based dressing.

Blend or finely grate and add to pancakes.

Of course there's plain ol' carrots with dip, too.

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Fri, 12-11-2009 - 9:44am
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Sat, 12-12-2009 - 9:41am

Below is a link to Carrot Ginger soup. I made this one before.