Does using mixes still = "homemade?"

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Does using mixes still = "homemade?"
Thu, 02-04-2010 - 2:11pm

I just read this editorial on iVillage's Food channel called My Guilty Food Confession: I Use Muffin Mix.

I admit, I don't have the same sense of satisfaction when I use a mix for muffins. I prefer my from-scratch muffins to any store bought mix. I wouldn't go so far as to entirely negate the homemade-ness of a mix, though. As a matter of fact, I was recently gifted a very cool cookbook called 101 Things to Do with a Cake Mix, and I definitely consider the results homemade.

So, what do you think? Is it still fair to claim "homemade" if it came from a box?

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Fri, 02-05-2010 - 12:37am
Me, personally, I just hate the long list of chemicals that most baking mixes have.
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Fri, 02-05-2010 - 8:49am


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Fri, 02-05-2010 - 10:27am
Instead of calling it "homemade," why not say "I made it!" My grandmother often used frozen bread dough for dinner rolls. My aunt remarked how much she liked them. My grandma said "Thank You." I was stunned that my grandma was taking credit for these rolls. She later told me that all you have to say is "Thank you," but if my aunt asked for the recipe she would have told her they were frozen.
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Fri, 02-05-2010 - 10:32am
What a smart lady!

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Sat, 02-06-2010 - 12:04pm
I actually never call anything "homemade" least not anything I cook. I will say "I baked this" about anything, be it breadmaker bread or a cake from a mix. I don't often make cakes, and I've always made them from a mix, so I don't think about it either way, but I sure don't brag about it LOL. Technically, if you look at "school rules"'s Homemade vs. Storebought...and a cake from a mix is homemade. Our school is looking at making a "storebought only" rule for that I am not happy about for sure. :)


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Sat, 02-06-2010 - 6:47pm

Weeeelllllllll................If I used a mix in my kitchen and


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Doesn't matter if it's storebought or mixed together at home. It's still processed food. Doesn't matter what label is attached.

What's bad is that giving it an inappropriate label can cost someone allergic a hospital visit. And, many will never tell the person who did the cooking because they don't want to hurt their feelings.

I made that mistake once. Days later, I found out through someone else my friend had to make an emergency visit for dialysis.

My SIL feels a boxed cake mix is made from scratch because her perspective is she didn't buy it already made from the store--like an already made cake from the bakery.

I gave up on believing labels that people give things. When it matters in food, I just eat my own. I don't trust people when they say homemade, from-scratch, etc. It means different things to different people.