I hate when companies do this!

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I hate when companies do this!
Mon, 02-15-2010 - 11:24am

I was just going through the grocery store flyers for the week. I notice that tuna is on sale and I'm down to about 2 cans. The price is 2/$1. I'm assuming it's on the 6 oz. cans. And then I notice this---now the cans are FIVE oz.!!! When did that happen???? I see this sale price at 2 different stores for 2 different name brands. Both are now 5 oz.

It makes me so mad when companies do this! Keep the price the same or maybe even raise it, but give you less product. And, btw, a good sale during Lent on canned tuna used to be THREE/$1!

Have you noticed this give-you-less-for-the-same/increased-price on other things?


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Mon, 02-15-2010 - 12:09pm


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Mon, 02-15-2010 - 12:47pm
I'm not sure when it happened, but I noticed the other day that most of the bread loaves are now 20oz instead of 24.
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Mon, 02-15-2010 - 1:37pm

Oh, yes, a couple of weeks ago I spent $8.99 on a case of

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Mon, 02-15-2010 - 2:16pm

I didn't notice that about tuna...

Ice cream cartons are smaller now. I actually complained to breyers about it. ;-)

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Mon, 02-15-2010 - 6:35pm

Hellman's mayonnaise went

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Tue, 02-16-2010 - 8:30am
Lot of products do that.


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Tue, 02-16-2010 - 8:19pm
I thought it was me.