last week of menus for 2010 (week of Dec 26)

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last week of menus for 2010 (week of Dec 26)
Sat, 12-25-2010 - 8:06pm

well what is everyone making this coming week

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I'm using up stuff from the pantry and am going to really stick to the plan this week.


Sun- Lou Malnatis pizza and salad, chocolate cherry cake,

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I've only been lurking for a while, but i thought I'd jump back in.

This weeks menu is:

Sun - sweet chili shrimp skewers served over a rice and carrot pilaf, chargrilled homemade bread

Mon - beef noodles with garlic mashed potatoes

Tue - chili and cornbread

Wed - homemade pizza

Thur - chicken and broccoli served in a garlic cream sauce over pasta

Fri - curry

Sat - lentil and sausage soup

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Now that Christmas is over, its back to being frugal so we can catch up.

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Mon, 12-27-2010 - 11:19am

Monday - Ham stir fry

Tuesday - eating out kids - mac & hot dogs

Wed - Turkey pot pie

Thursday - Egg bake

Friday - frozen pizza

Sat - Turkey noddle bake

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I been planning meals of leftovers from the holiday.